Justin Bieber Twieber and Jieber Back on Twitter Trending Topic

Did I just make a mistake? Is this about Twitter, or Justin Bieber? Yes, you’re reading that right.

The social media and Justin Bieber have been one and the same for a long time, after Biebermania took over the Web and fans tweeted left and right about everything the young star with hair that is always perfectly pointed forward was doing. But this weekend Twitter announced the love affair was about to be over – they were changing the way they calculated Twitter Trends with a new algorithm, and that would have meant the fall of the trending champ.

But we, Bieber fans wouldn’t have it. After JB himself tweeted wondering about the change, beliebers figured out they could outsmart the social media algorithm by making their own Twieber social media network and talking about Bieber as Twieber – or even Jieber. “Twitter, your move next,” the Bieber fans collectively texted. Well played, teens. We’ll score this: Beliebers 1, Twitter 1.

So Fans, Next time you tweet, please use the word “Jieber” and/or “Twieber”, you can say “Where is Jieber?” or “I Love Jieber”

Anything with Jieber / Twieber in it.

  • maddie

    oh ya you better put him back on top of the list

  • nairobi

    lol ya lest do this thing

  • Nicole

    Actually twieber is a social network (like twitter) but it is only for bieber fans. the link it http://www.Twieber.tk it is actually pretty cool

  • ceceila

    wat nicole thatz not ture

    • nancho

      nannocho var ancho ara love you justin bieber

  • nancho

    justin love you so much love tooooooooo♥♥♥♥♥♥♥