My World 2.0 Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)

Beliebers, My World 2.0 Deluxe Edition is out now. Deluxe edition includes bonus DVD featuring three music videos, two live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Grab and Get IT!

Track listing:


1. Baby (feat. Ludacris)
2. Somebody To Love
3. Stuck In The Moment
4. U Smile
5. Runaway Love
6. Never Let You Go
7. Overboard (feat. Jessica Jarrell)
8. Eenie Meenie (with Sean Kingston)
9. Up

10. That Should Be Me

1. Baby (music video)
2. One Less Lonely Girl (music video)
3. One Time (music video)
4. The Making of “Baby”
5. Favorite Girl (live)
6. Never Let You Go (live)
7. Behind-the-scenes-footage

  1. dulcie
  2. Lowenna
  3. alexa
  4. moni loves justin bieber foreva
  5. rhylee
  6. Jamila
  7. jsha.harts.jbiebs
  8. shalimar
  9. Brook
  10. I love justin bieber

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