Usher said No sex, Alcohol or Drugs for Justin Bieber

Usher doesn’t give Justin Bieber the same advice P Diddy offered him because sex, drugs and alcohol “wouldn’t really work” for the teenager’s image.

The 31-year-old hip-hop star was mentored by music mogul P Diddy, then Puff Daddy, when he first broke into the music scene as a teenager. He is now mentoring a young musician of his own, 16-year-old Canadian singer Justin, but won’t be passing on the same tips Diddy gave to him.

“I had Puff as my mentor, but I wouldn’t pass on any of the advice he gave me,” Usher laughed. “Hip-hop, sex, drugs and alcohol wouldn’t really work for Justin’s image. He’s headed in the right direction. I’ve told him to do everything I wouldn’t do.”

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