Usher said No sex, Alcohol or Drugs for Justin Bieber

Usher doesn’t give Justin Bieber the same advice P Diddy offered him because sex, drugs and alcohol “wouldn’t really work” for the teenager’s image.

The 31-year-old hip-hop star was mentored by music mogul P Diddy, then Puff Daddy, when he first broke into the music scene as a teenager. He is now mentoring a young musician of his own, 16-year-old Canadian singer Justin, but won’t be passing on the same tips Diddy gave to him.

“I had Puff as my mentor, but I wouldn’t pass on any of the advice he gave me,” Usher laughed. “Hip-hop, sex, drugs and alcohol wouldn’t really work for Justin’s image. He’s headed in the right direction. I’ve told him to do everything I wouldn’t do.”

  • jamelyn mafnas

    it should be your choice but i think you should follow ushers advice!

  • JB #1 Fan

    got that right he is to young usher is right

  • dezzley

    i agree with usher!


    it should be his choice but usher is right

    • jenny

      justin bieber can have safe sex he is not to yong. by the way he is turning 17. look i just want justin to know that i love with all my heart i’m telling the truth. justin if your reing this i just want you to call me at [218-729-0248]. i love you and i hope you come to duluth,mn. i dont know why usher does’nt let justin bieber have sex what could go wrong.

      love jenny

      • Nora

        He is not too young? Justin isn’t even legal yet!

  • mrs.bieber

    go with usher

  • mrs.bieber

    go with usher!!!!!

  • Bieber-Shawty

    u must allow usher’s advice justin..
    u’r still so young even ur still 16…
    love u justin!!!!!!!!!!

  • hellen

    justin vc ta muito jovem para isso se vc usar issoooo a meu filho nimguem vai querer vc

  • Maddy

    Haha, a Bike inside a building? Good advice Usher! Follow it, Justin :)

  • camila triviño

    i agree with usher!

  • Trixie


  • Elainaa

    i agree with Usher.
    I love you JB:)

  • lola

    i agree with usher!!!because i will only have sex when im married!!!and i will never i said never do drugs smoke or anything like that ever in my life or drink alcohol in my life!!!i had this talk with every body in my family i mean every body who was ilive when i can talk!!!LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER DONT HAVE SEX ONLY WHEN YOU MARRIED!!!DONT DO ANY THING THAT WILL MESS YOUR LIFE UP!!!LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER CALL ME!!!

  • Biebers Girl(:

    hehe(: I love Bieberrr:P

  • maria

    my baby not thast stupid….he a down to eartyh kid..i no he wouldnt …only wit me..lolz…………..he haz to wait

    • Anonymous

      No he won’t.

  • Courtney

    Justin is way to young for sex!!! Usher is sooooo right. No one give that HOTTIE bad advice,he’s sweet and down to earth,bad advice would hurt his image.

    • alaina

      i had no idea he was having sex O.O the drugs were clear i mean look at his imae you can tell by his body but sex?

  • Danielle Lorusso

    Well i think usher is right, I have never been into any of that stuff and i dont think anyone should, it starts rumors and ruins your life

    • Katelyn

      im wid u no 1 should b n it n i no IM NOT it ruins ur life

    • Betty

      i also think usher is right…! =]

      • Brooke

        Usher is right

  • jason

    i wish all teens had this good addvice we all did back in the 80s
    good luck jb…wtg usher my hat off to you…

    • Rena

      haha the 80’s? i thought back then it was like sex drugs and rock n roll?

  • Katelyn

    im wid Usher justin iz pleasing God n he has blessed justin so heres sum of my advice JUSTIN plez dnt thow ur life away dnt even think aboute goin near 2 doin drugs or anything that hurt u or ur fans plez u r such a great person dnt get out there n tha world PLEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya

  • Mackenzie(:

    i love youuuu usher! <3
    send that boy in the right direction.
    he's on good kidd(: Dont let ANYTHING happen to himmm! <3
    just is amazing just as he is now.
    DOOOOOONT let him change, no matter what<3
    amenn. <3

  • wkwkwkkwkw

    good ones USHER , JUSTIN is really still 2 young 4 drugs and stuffs .

  • wadeva

    yes usher is right! he only have to sex me! hoho

  • jasminV’stwinsis :))

    yeah ! jb .. usher’s right .. those stuffs are not good for your image .. just keep being down to earth pers0n .. and be chatting and following your fans at twitter .. pls. reply ! and bout jasmin both of you are cute

  • Jack

    Too bad Bieber didn’t listen. Heard about his recent trip to rehab, hope he can get his shit together.

  • bl1ghtiz

    So sorry to hear you’ve started drinking. You should’ve listened to ushers advice. I wish you well in rehab!

  • Michael

    Well, he needs to stop drinking then…

    Videos and pictures of him getting drunk is being seen all over the internet.

  • svetlana

    I hope it’s not too late , Justin! Just look at the videos of him walking in glass doors. That’s not normal, I’m worried!

  • herbert

    Is this true? I’ve seen it on several news sources!

    Stop Justin! You can do it!



  • alaina

    justin was having sex? O.O