Asian Filipino Boys Cover “That Should Be Me” Justin Bieber

You may find this cover “That Should Be Me” little bit different with the original song by Justin Bieber.

Well.. this is a mashed up version of “That Should be Me” by JB and “Wedding Dress” by Korean singer Tae Yang (Asian Usher)

In my opinion he did really a good job. He got talent. His name is AJ.
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About the Bieber cover, AJ says:

i already KNOW the amount of HATE this one’s gonna get cuz of the BIEBS but i just wanted to say he’s a real talented dude who got picked up because of YouTube. gotta support the fellow YouTubers, right?! and it’s a GOOD SONG. i do think maybe his marketing has caused his male fans to be called fags and homosexuals, but we’ll tell you right now, we know when we hear good pop music– and this song is just one of those songs.

PS: In case you guys haven’t heard “Wedding Dress” song, check the video below. I don’t know the meaning, but this is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Likes the song butdon’t know meaning? Check this video “Wedding Dress” English version COVER

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