Justin Bieber Concert Tickets on Sale: CSU Wolstein Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Beliebers, Justin Bieber will be performing at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010.

The show here is one of 33 dates on the second leg of Bieber’s “My World” North American Tour, which kicks off Sept. 5 at the Maryland State Fair.

Tickets for the Cleveland-ers go on sale today from TicketNetworks.

You may buy Justin Bieber Tickets Now before its Sold OUT!

    • I really want and need Justin Bieber tickets I have waited so long and just really think that he is a sweet guy

  1. Justiiinnnn, pleaze coming to indonesia, jakarta. I want to see your perform
    Your amazing voice, and your cute face!!!! I love you so much justin.
    GO GO JB!!!^-^

  2. Please come to indonesia. I very like you. And your songs great, and you are so cute and handsome!!!! Thank you very much!!!

  3. Heyy justin please coooommmeeee to indonesia okey!!!, I veryy like you’re songs and you’re realy cuteeee!!, I always like you’re songs!! I love you justin bieber!!, thank you verrrryyy much!!!.

  4. Hi justin, I say “please coming to indonesia (whenever you want)”
    You’re a nice guy, you’re so amazing, and so multitalent!
    As long as you know, in indonesia a lot of beaches are very beautiful!
    And indonesia are like natural resources. And has a plenty of diverse cultures!!
    Basically you’re obliged to come to indonesia.
    Visit indonesia!!!
    I always love U, miss U, and need U -____-”
    Justin bieber forever!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with indonesian people who comments ! I’m also from Indonesia , and I really want justin to just go to indonesia and well … Do α concert ! He’s not too small to be α concert or anything ! He’s huge. And we all are going to support him . How’s that guys ??

  6. You know BIEBER is:
    B = Beliebers
    I = Indonesia
    E = Emang
    B = Beken
    E = En’
    R = Rame
    Ngerti ngakk????!!!!
    Do you understand Mr.Bieber????!!!!
    It means “beliebers indonesia’s popular and crowded”
    Can you speak indonesia????!!!!
    Hah, maybe little little sih you can!!!!
    Too LEBAY!.!.!.!

  7. I’m your biggest fans!a want you to concert in jakarta,indonesia!I waiting in here!!juatin bieber when you go to jakarta?I’m really want to meet you !I’m very like you!and

  8. Justin, Please please please come to australia! please. I would absolutely love to you to do a concert here. PLEASE! people keep saying that you might be coming in November. Is this true??/
    please come I would absolutely definetly come to your concert! <3

  9. come to soo ste. maire,ontairo….. i love u justin bieber yr so awsome… and a great singer… see if u come here… ttyl..or not…

  10. I am justin bieber best fan à i love him and i Rely Rely net justin bieber consert tekets so bad and i love justin because he is hot Nice cool amazing talent sexy cute and many many more things and i really really née justin bieber consert tekets because i just want to see him sing in rel life so plees plees help me ……

  11. hi im lizzy i llllllooooove j.b. sosososo much i need j.b tickets so bad i have seen seleana gomez in consort i loved it i live in delta ohio i saw her in detroit every time i here you j.b sing i almost cry i have beeb bagging for her to get me tickets but she wont i love you so much and hope you can get me tickets lizzy ford

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