Justin Bieber is Arrested by Dallas POlice? NO

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NO. Justin Bieber was never arrested. He is in London, UK when the rumor spread.

Justin Bieber is just a victim of widespread confusion and Internet gossip. As usual, a story begins to circulate, new interpretations are added and before you know it, it becomes something entirely different.

JB’s father, Jeremy Bieber, has been arrested on several occasions. Add that rumor with a mention that Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford has been arrested. Somehow this story turns into Bieber being out late past curfew and arrested by the Dallas police.

It just tells you how exciting it is to tell the story about Crawford, but someone threw in the name Bieber into the mix. Perhaps someone was talking about the Crawford arrest and mentioned that Justin Bieber’s father was once arrested too.

You just can’t believe everything you read on the Internet about Justin Bieber, but some of us do try to weed through the rumors to discover the truth.

source ksfm.radio.com

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