Justin Bieber Look-aLike Contest

Are you or your brother/sister look like Justin Bieber? if yes, join this contest.

Justin Bieber will take over the Toyota Concert Series on TODAY SHOW when he performs on June 4, 2010. But before that todayshow.com want your look-alike photos.

Do you look like Justin Bieber? Are you often complimented on how much you resemble him? Do you incorporate his style into your everyday look? If you think you’re a spitting image of the hot young star, send them a photo and they might feature it on TODAYShow.com!

To send photo click here

note: todayshow is apart of msnbc and msn.com

  1. Not a big deal to get angry over. But there is this 6th rader at my school which looks exactly like him.

    • OMG there is an 8th grader at my school that EVERYBODY likes because he looks just like justin bieber he is soo HOT!!

  2. Dont mean to be rude but i kind of broke out laughing in “sexy together’. I really like “never say never” better bcause i can relate to it and its just plain better and not laughable at. Again i didn’t mean to be rude but i just started laughing.

  3. ya trixie i agree lol but dis 8th grader “cutter dewbre” lookes like really really really simulare like em 4 real lol o and by the way …anonymous…. i know justin and i talk to em ok he DOES GET ON DIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!! WUV YA JUSTIN

  4. i have a problem, theres this guy in my pcg and people always say he looks like justin bieber and he does. I really want to give in a photo of him and put it in this contest but how??? somebody help me out!! email me at shannonskinner@live.com.au

  5. im sorry but they look nice but i dont wanna be mean its just to me justin bieber can never look like someone else cause he is …lol he is just so hot and he is amazing from the inside to out i love justin bieber with all my heart and that will never change and i have been praying and i will keep on praying for me to meet justin bieber and i will pray for me and him to become best friends but it would be WAY better if i was his girlfriend but thats to much to ask for and im only 12 yr old my b-day is on jusne 28 its coming soon and i love u jb kiss kiss hug’s hug’s

    love:sarah bieber lol :)

  6. I think da boy wearin da gra sweta looks like justin but JUSTIN is stil 2 HOT!!!!!hes just soooooo HOT!!!!!!!

  7. justin bieber i am your biggest fan, when you were on the early mornin show i woke up with a bieber fever! We will grow up and get married someday and have litle bieber kids walkin around everywhere, promise (:
    i love you; Katie Thomas

  8. i can’t believe so many girls like him. he’s cute but im sexy, i actually had the haircut before justin came out and my facial features are just plain better than his .

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