Justin Bieber, Selena, Demi, Jobro and Miley on the 11 Most Successful Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

Forbes is recognizing teens for their hard work, and naturally , Selena, Jobro, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are listed among the 11 Most Successful Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

We’re not surprised that Miley, Justin or any of the other teen stars on the list made the cut. Forbes considered celebs who have been able to balance careers in multiple industries — music, film, TV, publishing and fashion — while also finding time for charity work on the side.

Justin BIeber is recognized for his impressive Internet skills. As you all know, Justin launched his career using YouTube, and created a huge fan community on Twitter and Facebook that has set off the Bieber Fever epidemic.

Miley Cyrus on the other hands, has managed to score deals in nearly every category. Her success with Hannah Montana skyrocketed, and was the basis for her non-Disney singing and acting pursuits.

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers are also recognized on the short list. Find out who else landed spots on Forbes 11 Most Successful Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs round-up here


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bieber’s career was launched not through the Nickelodeon/Disney machines but on YouTube. A native of Ontario, Canada, Bieber built an online audience by performing cover songs. After he was discovered by a music agent, Usher and Justin Timberlake vied to sign him. Usher won, and Bieber went with Island/Def Jam. In addition to promotional deals with 1-800-Flowers and Microsoft’s Xbox, he recently hosted Saturday Night Live and recorded the theme song for the new Karate Kid.

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  2. andrea
  3. Emma
  4. kajari
  5. Buthayna x
  6. nyiesha
  7. kourtney
    • Trixie
  8. Mz.Bieber
    • Emma
    • Mary_Bieber
  9. bethheartzJB
  10. glee
  11. Bieber-Shawty
  12. dezzley
  13. bryanna

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