Miley Cyrus gets Prank Calls from Justin Bieber at 3 AM

Miley Cyrus ‘Wanted To Kill’ Justin Bieber after he made a series of late night prank calls to her cell…

Miley Cyrus has revealed how she ‘wanted to kill’ Justin Bieber after he kept pranking her mobile phone at 3am.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show (UK tv show), Miley claimed that Justin Bieber bombarded her with calls during the night.

She says: “I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me,”

“I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, ‘I can’t really yell ’cause I think it’s a kid but I’m not really sure.’”

She confessed: “Finally, I was like (shouting), ‘It’s three o’clock in the morning!’ He was like, ‘Ha ha ha ha, it’s Bieber. Call me back.’”

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to hurt this kid.’ My little sister loves him, but I’m going to kill him.”

source MTV.UK

      • eyah but i got REALLY lucky when i was backstage and gave him a hat waith my number in it he actually CALLED me and i was so happy. the best day of my LIFE.

      • Fuckin LIER u nid 2 chill u idiot he’d neva call u!!! ur 2 stupid 2 b called I bet u don’t even kno how 2 use da fone!!! get somethin in ur head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peranoid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u get wut im sayin I shud put dis in a way u’d understand.
        He never call u!!! do u uderstand I made it soo simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Okay, she has to chill, but you need to learn how to spell. ((: BTW, my friend, is friends with Bieber. He gave her a hug at Wonderland cause they were both there early and she asked for a hug ((: All truth, no lied. I’m not the kind of person who lies.

      • wow yoursuch a loser your probably mad because he would never call your ugly azz u desperate mental bych get a lyf why like sumone who doesnt even know you DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M TELLING YOU I SHOULD PUT IN A WAY YOU’LL UNDERSTAND HE DOESNT WANA CALL YOU HE DOEST EVE WANT YOU LOW LIFE LOZER

      • i don’t even like justin bieber. but a very very very vwery very very very very tiny bit jst softened up to him because of that :P

        wit: why am i doing this?

        fang: i dont know

        wit: i need sleep

        -wit and fang

      • I Believe You Cuz My Friend Knows Him And I Have Met Him And He Said He Was Her Friend In Real Life So Yeah I Believe You. And He is Like Really Down To Earth Guy And If He Did Call You Thats Awesome (:

      • i do cos if u watch the interviews he is quite flirty and seems like the type to do that, hes a teenager just messing about. in your face miley, no need to be so stressy. he was just joking.

      • but you don’t know i have talk to a person that is also a celebrity and he said that miley is a flirt …. he continous & and said that “i deleted her from my msn becoz she is a flirt and this problems my relationship with my girlfriend”

  1. i dont think it is but if it is i would be fine coz i hate miley and he did it to the right girl!
    justin 4eva!!!

  2. aww!! but i dont really believe that.. cus JB is not that fool..
    but i wish he will call me 2.. :)
    i love JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey i love justin bieber and we have soooooooooooooooooooooo much common from tayiah love yall :):):):)

  4. thats so funny i wish i had mileys number so i could prank her to and why wouldn’t justin do something like that i have prank called someone at 3 in the morning of course little did i know i was the one being pranked (long story) and justin is not that different than us but if miley hurts my justin someone is going to be very hurt…. jk miley i am not a hater i dont hate anyone but i love my justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3z 4ever

  5. well i did read about justin calling his cast members f ty f ty f over here and remember how miley was spreathat she was dating justin and caused drama so thats probably why he was prank calling her pluse he was probably being him self.(and i really really HATE MILEY!,and i wish he would call me)

  6. i do belive that’s Justin bec he is the of guy who jokes alot and loves pranks so i think that’s Justin doing the prank

  7. lol funny but justin plz dont start to like miley she is such a bad role model wene i waz a fan i googled pics of her and all of this came up
    :pics of mileys nipples
    : of miley in panties
    :of miley in bra
    :of miley stripping
    i mean like really and theres all these sex videos of her and she wazz flipen pole dancin at her music thingie shes such a hore no offence y wood she even put does pics on da internet . shes just a bad role model justin u deserve way better plz dont date her . kourtney luvs u lots *kizz kizz*

    • im wid u i seen it 2 she haz alot of lil gurls lookin up 2 her n i i used 2 b a fan i miss tha old Miley :( n that wuz justin cuz hes crazy like all tha other boys lol!:)

  8. oh god! miley is over reacting…it was a prank call!
    Big deal, learn to have some fun miley (usually im the one making the prank call that late @ night haha) but yeah she deffinatly is over-reacting

  9. OMG,this is so funny!!!! Justin you’re so crazy and funny!! Could you call me,here is my number [--removed--]. PLZ call me,but if you don’t want to you don’t have to.I love you JB!

  10. hhahaah lool i love yu justin i swear he’sz soo funnii and cuttee

    listen miley yu bitch if yu put your hand on him ill fkn kiil you !!

    love you justin <3

  11. lol he is so freakin funny
    miley went a little crazy its just a joke
    and she better never lay a hand on him in a harmful way

  12. i think mc is just kidding about literally killing him, because she would probably b the MOST hated person on the planet. but it waz just a joke.

  13. that is so stupid she overreacts too much & she needs 2b her old self cuz she has little fans like 4&5 yr olds looking up 2 her. & tat was so JB cuz hes soo funny 7 would do tat!!
    <3 u JB!!!! =)

  14. Wow idnk that Justin bieber would prank call people @ 3am that was really funny though how she was all mad n fustrated!!!! I would be laughing 2ooooo if I did that 2 someone cuz it iz kinda funny when people get mad when some1 prank call!!!
    LUV YA JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! :) <333

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