Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber’s Custody Battle -Divorce!

I really wished that Justin Bieber parents had never been divorced. I mean, oh well… Justin is such a great guy. And he seems to love his mom and dad equally. Personally I can never picture myself having my parents divorce.

article from showbizspy:


According to a new report in Star magazine, before Bieber hit the big time, his parents – Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber — were embroiled in a vicious custody battle.

According to legal documents obtained by the tabloid, Pattie — who was just 17 when she became pregnant — and Jeremy, then 19, attempted to live together when Justin was 2 months old, “but ultimately those efforts failed” after four months, she said.

A nasty custody battle ensued — in which Pattie laid bare what she claimed were Jeremy’s demons, including his history of “criminal activity.”

Local records show that Jeremy has had multiple arrests and jail time for “assault causing bodily harm” and “breach of probation.”

According to Star:

Pattie was given custody in May 1995 and allowed Jeremy time with their son. But when he went to court in December 1996 to ask for increased visitation and overnight stays with Justin, Pattie went on the offensive. Overnight visitation was “inappropriate,” she alleged in the court papers, because Jeremy was dealing with “uncontrolled violent behavior” and “alcohol and drug abuse.”

Bieber, 16, recently insisted his parents still lay down the law.

“I usually have to be home by 10pm and my Mom takes my computer away at 10.30pm every night,” he said.

“Because I’m traveling so much my Mom takes things I really, really like — like my computer or my phone.”



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