Arizona Fans Chasing Justin Bieber on Segway (video)

Justin Bieber came out on a Segway and was riding around the Westgate marketplace in Glendale AZ, next to Jobing Arena, July 25. This was around 6:30 and his concert was to begin at 7.

A fan says:

“I could not believe he was by himself-with another friend far behind. No security. He almost got trampled. I dropped the F bomb in disbelief at his “bravery”. Anyway, glad I went!”

Meanwhile, Justin tweeted:

“not a good idea- got a little nervous there – still love the ladies ”

“@perezhilton yeah i saw your post….that segway idea almost got me killed! lol”

Seriously, If fans want to speak to him they shouldn’t chase him.

Poor justin! He almost gets trampled! 🙂

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