Finally,.. Justin Bieber Goes to Jail..!! (CSI Miami Pic)

Don’t worry beliebers, this is just a movie!

Justin Bieber tweeted this photo of him all dressed up in jumpsuit orange!

He says “…and I told you I was a BAD MAN!!

Justin Bieber will be in the premiere episode of CBS’ “CSI” on September 23rd where he will play bad boy (as seen by the photo) Jason McCann.

He will also be coming back later on in the season to play his character again!

UPDATES September 23
Click to Watch Justin Bieber on CSI Full Episode part 1&2

  • Rach..luvs…Justin..Bieber

    omg he would be good playing a role
    and ya still lok sexy justin
    !st yay

    • Rach..luvs…Justin..Bieber


    • danielle bonillas

      hey Justin Bieber what up that so cool movies?

  • Sisy

    Is this just a movie?

    • Sisy


      • marie

        what kind of movie is that???

    • heartz4ever123

      Its not a movie its a episode of CSI

  • Sabrina Love Justin

    I know that just a movie…
    you’re not a bad boy!!

    • maddie

      its not a movie its a tv show cause in the passage it says” He will also be comeing l8er on in the season to play the same character

  • ipe

    oooooowwwwww you stay cool ^^ :D

  • Roaster

    omg he sooo hot!!!…
    I wantz a Canadian Boi!!!

    • Tijana loves Justin Bieber

      I agree!!!! :D

    • Rach..luvs…Justin..Bieber

      i agreee totally and same
      i think canadian boys are hot

      • Mz.Bieber 4 show

        i do to all of his friends are hot

      • maddie

        i know rite all his friends r hot especially christian beadles

  • juki

    I so loving him!! he is so hot, and if he play the bad boy!!! who will catch him!? :D :D:D:D

  • bieber girl

    hahahah :D
    i cant believe it !!!

    this is editing :D ….
    hahaha :D

  • bryanna

    Can’t wait to see it lol :)

  • meera

    what u kidding me??? first a singer than an actor???? NO WAY MAN!!

  • Janice

    Cant wait to see it lol :) :) :) :) :)

  • afiey

    cant wait to see this movie…
    i love u JB.. u just stay cool…

    ~Malaysia wait for Justin~

  • shikiJB

    cant wait to watch it.hahahaha.sexxxiiiiii bad guy.

  • lehua

    he is so hot when he plays a bad boy i wish i could kiss him

    • MusicPrincess

      Not the only one honey!
      (Me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      • Tijana loves Justin Bieber

        Me too!!!

    • Ika Zulfa

      mee too !

  • MissBieber

    i can’t wait to watch this.

  • juki

    Oh my gosh girls i can’t waiting to see it! ! ! !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so exciting !!!!!!!!
    you can imagine how i love him!!!!! (DREAM MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !

  • juki

    Oh my gosh girls i can’t waiting to see it! ! ! !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so exciting !!!!!!!!
    you can imagine how i love him!!!!! (DREAM MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !

    • MusicPrincess

      Me too

  • Enise

    oh calm down my bestfriend:D

    your soo cute.

    xo justin bieber.ox

  • roine

    hot damn!!!!

    come to christcnurch new zealand &visit woolston &bromley school the boys wil be jealous cause your much more better looking than them….this is also from Enise!you should hang out with enise shes awesome as she loves basketball!

    is your favourite colour blue or pur[le???



  • Zah bieber nizer

    Hah justin bieber goes to jail,
    owg noooo…

  • MusicPrincess

    He is so hot

  • MusicPrincess

    He is so hot

  • Writni

    That’s soo funny :-)

    • Trixie

      YES IT IS, GURL!!!!!! ;) I CAN’T WAIT 2 WATCH IT!!!!! :-D! HE IS A BAD MAN… LOLZ. :)


  • pauline

    what is the tittle?

  • alexandra

    that is so cool. . justin have a movie, , i think that is so great. . !!!!

  • SeafiSh

    when is it going be out?

    • jazz


  • tefy

    aii noo me iimagiiino!! poreeziiito noo nooo……!! ♥♥

  • Ika Zulfa

    when will the movie came out at cinema at singapore?i will watch it and buy it!I will garantee that the movie will be awesome!well,in its movie has an character awesome so the movie shoukd be awesome too !

  • heartz4ever123

    i took a picture on my phone of this when he tweeted it and said look whos been a bad boy! and she freaked out thinkin it was for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Retards

    It’s a fucking TV show, not a movie.

  • MsPaigeBieber

    a SEXY bad boy! just the i like ‘em