Leak: Justin Bieber Won 4 TeenChoiceAwards + Shaq O’neal Surprise

Justin Bieber got a huge shock when Shaquille O’Neal surprised him on stage during Sunday’s concert.

Justin Bieber won Teen Choice Awards in 4 categories: Choice Breakout Artist, Choice Top Album, Choice Male Artist and Choice Summer Music Star.

Justin Bieber tweeted today: “Got surprised by my man @THE_REAL_SHAQ on stage tonight in Pheonix (sic)…cant wait until u see why!!!”

check this out!

He was even more surprised though when the 7’1″ NBA superstar, Shaq O’neil surprised him with four 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

“You didn’t win one, you won four.” Shaq said presenting Bieber with a surfboard taller than him over a screaming audience.

The only thing I don’t understand about the video is how Justin Bieber already got his TCA (TeenChoiceAwards) from Shaq since the awards show doesn’t air on Fox until August 9 (8/7pm ET/C).

Note: Justin Bieber tweeted the video above (receiving the awards) but then youtube delete it and a Fan re-upload it again. It’s possible that youtube will delete the video again since TCA won’t air before August 9.


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