Justin Bieber “Free Tickets” Fraud and Scams Alert on Facebook

Justin Bieber fans on Facebook must be aware of this new online scam. Bieber fans have been the target of web conmen in a scam that will apparently offer them free tickets to a Bieber concert.

Someone is targeting Bieber’s Facebook friends with a link to bogus free ticket giveaways for a U.S. tour.

The ad message says, “Wow! Justin Bieber is giving away free tickets now! I just snagged 4 tickets!”

If you click the link the person is brought onto another page that offers you a service that will use your Facebook to further their scam. If you agree to let an application post messages on your wall and post statuses for a subscription rate of $7 per week (this appears on your phone bill after you give them your mobile number to sign up), you will get free tickets.

After they steal $7 from you they use your Facebook to post the same message again to steal from all your friends in your name who fall for the same trap. The scam is spreading virally on internet.

source: Sophos.com

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