Justin Bieber gets Mouthy — other Actors’ Lines

Justin Bieber who makes his acting debut on the season’s first episode of CSI — kept silently mouthing other actors’ lines!

“It’s good Justin’s got everyone’s lines memorized so he knows where he’s at in the scene, but the camera keeps catching him lip-syncing when the other actors speak,” a source American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“It’s hilarious — but damned expensive!”

Justin will guest star on the show’s Sept. 23 season premiere. He’ll also return for the fifteenth episode of the season, which will air in Feb. 2011.

soo.. can’t wait! :)

49 thoughts on “Justin Bieber gets Mouthy — other Actors’ Lines

  1. davidbeckhamfan

    he cant sing he thinks his better then any1 he think he will be king of pop sooner or later hes trying to beat michael jacksons music and hes getting to spoilt and asking he family for everythink.

      1. * Writni *

        That’s sad.
        My grandma died of breast cancer when i was 16 :-(
        I’ll pray 4 ur uncle & u pray 4 my grandma.

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