Justin Bieber in Short Hair (pic edited)

What do you think? Hot or not?

If Justin Bieber cuts his hair and changes his hairstyle, will you still be his #1 fan?


  1. mmm…………of course daaa ill be his no 1 fan but i prefer to not cut it plzzzzz thats is one of the most special thing about ya trust from your fan who loves you soo much

  2. i so love u and reminds me when he was younger at the photo of his school !!!! but please don’t cut them i love the hair flip !!!!!

  3. Justin looks hot both ways, but his hair now is better on him because that is one of the most amazing things in him. I love you Justin and cant beliebe that you noticed me in the concert. “the ladies in the back with the black T-shirts i see you.” I cried.

  4. i think he would look better if he did cut it and maybe people would stop ccopying him on is hair style he might want to x change is look if he does lets him i will always be is fan and hope he does look xool to!

  5. I like his hair anyway he does. i want him to do his hair the way he likes it. i love him and if he likes a certaian style than i will like it too. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!

  6. weell mi ex boyfriend has the same hair like JB same color and same hairstyle but my school principal say to my ex that he have to cut his hair and now he have the hair like JB edited pic he looks so nice.
    but well i mean Justin Bieber could not be the same without his wonderful hair but for me he is going to be the same guy that i always see, funny simpathic cool nice amazing. . .
    who agree?

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