Justin Bieber’s Birth Certificate (image)

This is a proof for some of beliebers who think that JB’s birth date is March 14, 1994. Click here for JB’s detail birth certificate.

source: TMZ.com

  1. oh justin i never caught a wrong information about you i know you were born in march 1st 1994 im a true belieber

  2. i think this pic is edited or something cause he’s born in march 1 1994 look up his page in wiki pedia the things in there are true

  3. OMG!!!! he was born in london! that is so cool! that just makes me love him even more cuz i LOVE london! but still, that’s kinda creepy that people have a copy of his birth certficate!

  4. That’s amazing that he was born in London! I wonder if his mom lived in London and that’s the reason he was born there?! Does anybody know if she did?

  5. OMG you guys are so freaken stupid Justin was born in Stratford,Ontario and thats not his birth certificate and if he was born in London he would have a English accent

  6. wow i cant believe he has the same bday as me and i were in 1994 wow i cant believe that 1 tiny bit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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