Kanye West Only Following One Twitter account, Justin Bieber

As of August 18, Kanye West only following Justin Bieber twitter.
Awww… that must tell u something :)

  1. omg i HATE kanye west for wat he did to taylor swift poor girl like wtf did she ever do to hyym…… i think he was just sad cuz his mother died…. but he didnt need to like tske out his anger or feelings out on her like WTF!!!!

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      • I dont care. I dont like so leave. Dont you see
        “Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry.
        Visit Justin Bieber Forums if you wanna chit-chat!” On the comment bar? Ur being rude and stupid. We are probably the only friends we have.

      • hey effie don’t be mean to writni shes just trying to make some friends(unlike some ppl).and if you wanna tell someone to chitchat somewhere else start by yourself(no offence but writni is my friend and friends have eachothers back)

      • Yah she’s right,hi i am janice
        :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
        i am also writni’s friend
        you know
        i know some people here dont know me :D :D :D :D yet,

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