Justin Bieber is Getting Sued by Disney for $150 Million for Using “JB” Initials (rumor)

Latest rumor says that Justin Bieber is being sued for $150 millions for stealing “JB” initials from the Jonas Brothers, because “JB” is copyrighted to the Jobros.

Omg.. beliebers, this rumor isn’t true.

It’s kinda ridiculous, because Justin Bieber was the one who BORN with the initials “JB” & Jonas Brothers is just the band initials. They were born with the initials NJ, JJ, and KJ. So Justin’s just being sued for having the initials JB?

Disney can’t sue him because of his name. If they were suing him because of that, then good luck in court. But, I heard it was because of how Bieber used their logo such as the JB logo in T-shirt, Logo in 3-D Concert Experience movie, books and other merchandise, which I doubt is any true.

Plus, Disney can’t sue Justin bieber, cause the logo that is by the Jonas Brothers is owned by the Jonas Enterprises, not Disney.

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