50 cent Dissing and Threatening Justin Bieber Fans on Twitter

Not sure what is going on with 50 cent. But he left some nasty tweets for Justin Bieber fans.

Check out his tweets:

Seeing this, some beliebers fighting back. Then few hours later, 50cent tweeted:

“I told you little motherfu*kers don’t be on my twitter you gotta be 18 and over this is the adult entertainment section. ”

“I’m a take my belt off and beat one of you little motherfu*kers were your mama and daddy at anyway bad ass kids.”

“I like justin beiber but you bad ass kids better get off my shit ill kick one of you motherfucker “.

Wow.. he is so rude! He shouldn’t be calling kids like that.

Last week 50 cent said he was done with twitter then within the last 24 hours he has been tweeting nasty stuff about sex and his d*ck and all kinds of sh*t.

He is doing this to get headlines and that is sick. THEN he started on Justin Bieber and fans.

Do not go on his twiter page if you’re below 18. http://twitter.com/50CENT

50 cent is washed up and I think that is why he is doing all of this, regardless he will apologize soon because he is gonna realize his sh*t wont sell because all of the teens are the ones buying his album nowadays.

Any thought?

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