Chealsea Handler Meets Justin Bieber at the VMA: Tells Kim to “Watch her Armenian Back”

Chelsea Handler meets Justin Bieber and takes a picture (above) before the MTV Video Music Awards tonight, then tells Kim Kardashian via Twitter to “Watch her Armenian back.”

Chelsea Handler’s known for racial and ethnic-based humor, but apparently it didn’t go over well. Kim Kardashian failed to respond on Twitter.

According to MTV, Handler and Kardashian have a feud going, that’s referred to as a “catfight.”

Chelsea called Bieber two faced for two-timing with her and Kim, and claims she used to like Kardashian but now they have to be separated from each other via a rope at the VMAs.

Well, all of this reads like fake fighting for publicity. If they want to generate a lof of pub, they should meet at a Hollwood bar with Bieber and make out. lol

Let’s see if they fight at the VMA’s tonight. haha 😀


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