Demi Lovato to Collaborate with Miley Cyrus. Will Justin Bieber Join in?

Good news for fans of Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. The three star may soon collaborate on a new song, as revealed by the singer and actress during an interview in Camp Rock 2. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are 3 great singers and it will be great if they will make a duet.

Demi Lovato said: “We’re talking a long time the possibility of doing a duet together, and in particular it would be something acoustic.” When asked what brought her to work with Miley Cyrus, Demi said that Miley Cyrus is one of her best friends and always wanted to have her album. Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus are best friends and if they will record a song I think that they will make a good team.

But Demi Lovato also spoke of the relationship that binds to Justin Bieber: “He’s very sweet. I like to work with him. My sister loves him and I am a fan of his, in fact I can say that I’m Justin Fever!”


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