In Less Than a Year, Justin Bieber has Sold 4 Million Albums

Justin Bieber has sold 4 million albums worldwide in less than a year.

According to the New York Post, Justin has sold 3.2 million copies of his My World and My World 2.0 (released November & March) in the US only.

Bieber — who sold out New York’s Madison Square Garden the other night — is also enjoying success online, with a whopping 7.7 million songs digitally downloaded.

“Madison Square Garden was a big milestone,” said Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

“Justin is a kid who grew up in public housing with a single mom. He always said selling out the Garden was his dream.”

“It’s a real rags-to-riches story, and shows where Justin came from and the hard work that got him to where he is now.”


  1. of course he did and he will do more i love him so much ill keep buying hid cds till it becomes 1 billion cds i love him soo much hes awesome

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  3. JUSTIN I LOVE YOU!!!!!<333
    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!<333

  4. wow amazing! Justin has some major talent! he is such a great example for us all… at least for me i know he has shown me that no mattr wat my dream is it doesnt matter where i am from. as long as i am willing to work to achieve it i can do it!!!AND NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! any thing is possible. him and taylor swift r my role models!!!! love u justin! thank u for opening my eyes and showing me to always follow my dreams. Shoot for the moon, even if u miss u will still land amoung the stars!!! :)

      • Well idk i meen i had another dream about chaz and ryan last night and maybe its a sign idk but do you want me 2 tell u the dream i had about ryan and chaz?

      • Ok its going to be long but o well so this was my dream i somehow got tickets to go to justins concert and trixie came with me to the concert and we seen justins tour bus so we sneeked in and we seen ryan and chaz we were talking to them and stuff and i asked them so do you guys want to come to my hometown and they said yes so a few days ltr my door bell rang and ryan and chaz were @ the door i said hi guys come in and i gave them hugs and everything and idk but we drove justins car everywhere we went to the mall and we went to the gas station. Chaz and i were in the backseat and ryan was driving suddenly i cried reading all my txts from trixie and ryan and chaz said wats wrong brook r u ok? and i told chaz just look @ the txts trixie told me and he askd do you want me 2 talk 2 her and i said yes and ryan and chaz told me everything is going to be alright and when chaz was looking at my txts i put my head on chaz’s shoulder and he put his arm around my waist so that was the dream i had

      • holy shit! i thought that was real at 1st!! maybe its just a dream…u noe usually wen u think about sumbody before u go to sleep u dream bout them….did u think bout them before u went to sleep?

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