Jasmine Villegas Talks about her Relationships with Justin Bieber (j14 interviews)

Justin Bieber’s rumoured girlfriend Jasmine Villegas has spoken out about her relationship with the Biebs, claiming he ‘treats her like everyone else.’

As we previously reported, Justin had been spotted smooching with (US-filipino-mexican) singer Jasmine Villegas in the back of a car, fuelling rumours that the Jasmine was his girlfriend.

Now Villegas has revealed that despite being romantically linked to JB, he still treats her like ‘one of his fans.’

Speaking to Bop magazine, Villegas confessed: “There’s not much that I would know that people don’t know. Justin is just 100 per cent real with his fans and his friends and he gives everybody his full personality.”

She added: “That’s a really good thing about him. He’s not fake at all. He’s just like, “I’m Justin. Here’s me.”

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BOB mag hung out with Jasmine Villegas recently at the Sprite Fresh Sound Studio, they got to chat and talk about everything — music, fans, and of course, going on tour with Justin Bieber! Not only did she tells BOB exclusively about how excited she was to go on tour with Justin.

Do you think it’s just because she’s excited to go on tour with one of her really good friends, or do you think it really is because they’ve got something special going on?

Source: Mtv.co.uk

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