Justin Bieber Can’t Commit to a Relationship with One Girl

Justin Bieber has said that his hectic schedule prevents him committing to a relationship with any one girl.

Justin told OK that his young age and successful career make it difficult to get involved in any romances.

“I mean, girlfriends are trouble at this age,” he said. “Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl … we’re constantly traveling and one girl’s not gonna really [work]. You can’t really have one girl… I don’t really have any crushes at the moment.”

Bieber added that he is currently focused on having fun with his friends and enjoying his teenage years without worrying about romantic entanglements.

“Right now, the best thing is [that we're] just teenagers having fun doing what we love… We’re just staying ourselves and remaining humble,” he said.

Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

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  • N.N.S.H.

    how come he dosent want 1 relationship? heck! i never even had 1 romantic relationship! hes lucky im his fan!

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      wat up giirl

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    True, True….Justin bieber honestly don’t have time for a girlfriend as he going to do a world tour next year…Flying everywhere! So his girl won’t able to him that much…so yeahhh just stay single :)

  • YIFFINAY~~~~~

    Justin can’t have a girlfriend because:

    1. He’s gay.
    2. You guys would send burning crosses to her house.
    3. He’s gay.

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      You’re stupid.
      Why do you wasting your time for commenting every Justin’s move? Get a life.

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  • Djilan

    justin doent have time for love right now and if he find love it would just be hard not seeing the other person for long periods of time that just make thing complicated and u lose intrest


    i agree with justin im single 2 and i want 2 have fun in my teenage yrs even thought boys r fun LOLZ

  • Cami

    If Cupid had a heart, he’ll be mine. If I’m he’s girl friend, I’m not gonna stay mad at him for anything. You know, the girl get mad with her boyfriend just because he’s too buzy and have no time for her? Then that’s not the girl for him

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      i love u

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    I am very disappointed in the concert in Atlantic City beging moved from Sat. to Fri. These kids have to go to school on Fri. and lots live hours away. It was originally scheduled for Sat. it should stay on Sat. Oh yea, you can ask for a refund. How do you tell your kid you can’t see Justin Bieber after you bought the tickets. It was a bad call. Your fans make you who you are you don’t do it alone.

    • A.K.

      he wasnt feeling good it wasnt his fault

  • Rainer Melo

    GO for the gold, Justin Beiber!=)

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    shoot man if i was his GF i would have sooo much fun on da world tour and everything:) even if like we cant do fun things i would still be good as long as we are 2gether im good:) haha

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    is that a sign that JB is a “gay”??

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    uhh. guess his waiting for me.!! nwahaha

  • USmile.

    He cant commit to one yet because he hasnt come back to Australia yet!

  • Selena Gomez

    he is actually committing to one girl, and he’s still going out with her. Her name is Catlin Beadles, (christians sister) we have had a great time recently, with justin bieber at her party about a week ago… check her facebook if you want (: xxxx

    • Djilan

      hes goin out with her he said they just friends…. but things change

  • CaitlinBeadles

    We arent together anymore, I wish we were, but thats just how it is.

    • Djilan

      bet u 2 are good friend u are so lucky wish i could go out with justin bieber

    • luba

      TXT ME 541-514-7009

  • zeina aly

    Caitlin said to me in chat that she is Justin bieber girlfriend !!!!!

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      she was not is………..that is a big difference……

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    hi justin you there

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    if you there pls give me yor e-mail couse I realy wana to be friends for you pls read my msg

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      Do u really think his going to give u his email? Haha and this isn’t even him..

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      how bout flaming nope

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    justin do u like to be single?

  • lenny

    yeah , i agreed with him .
    This time is your time to having fun with your friends n d other people . .
    Including your fans. .
    So, just do your best, Biebs . We, (Belibers) always supporting you . . .

  • lenny

    one more . .
    Caitlin is his ex-girlfriend
    they were be part so long time ago . . .

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    Ummmmmmmm……..Hi I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER(L)(L)(L)(L)

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  • Sami4evaBieber

    That is tottally true Justin plus the truth is some of his fans will send mean messages 2 whoever he is goin out wiv altho i do luv u all belibers so dnt get me wrong pls. Bu no matter wat ill always support ya Justin B xxx