PIC of Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Making out in the Car (part 2)

TMZ caught Justin Bieber making out with Jasmine Villegas in the car.

The make out session took place on Sept. 9, and probably went unnoticed by most passerby’s because they were in the back seat of a Honda sedan, keeping a rather inconspicuously low-profile.

Jasmine Villegas appeared in Bieber’s music video for ‘Baby,’ and was recently announced as the opening act for Justin Bieber’s current US tour.

Rumors have suggested that JB and JV are romantically involved. Are they dating? well..  they have insisted that they’re merely friends. Though now it seems these photos throw a wrench in that argument.

Click here to see Justin Bieber Kissing Jasmine Villegas (part 1) from the “BABY” scene.

Do you think Justin secretly dating Jasmine V?

Source: AOL.com

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