PIC of Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Making out in the Car (part 2)

TMZ caught Justin Bieber making out with Jasmine Villegas in the car.

The make out session took place on Sept. 9, and probably went unnoticed by most passerby’s because they were in the back seat of a Honda sedan, keeping a rather inconspicuously low-profile.

Jasmine Villegas appeared in Bieber’s music video for ‘Baby,’ and was recently announced as the opening act for Justin Bieber’s current US tour.

Rumors have suggested that JB and JV are romantically involved. Are they dating? well..  they have insisted that they’re merely friends. Though now it seems these photos throw a wrench in that argument.

Click here to see Justin Bieber Kissing Jasmine Villegas (part 1) from the “BABY” scene.

Do you think Justin secretly dating Jasmine V?

Source: AOL.com

  1. she is older than justin (i think)
    but a boy needs to kiss some one and justin is a boy and it is his life and he will decide what to do

  2. but anyways i think we should all be happy 4 him he might really like jasmine. and guys seriously if you were one year older than justin and if he liked you and you liked him (duh) than wouldn’t you wanna makeout with him?(be honest)

  3. i love justin so much and i know other beliebers to. but it is his life i meen he is 16 time for him to find a girl. i wish him the best. and beliebers plz don’t do death threats to her. wat if they are not dating. or wat if he doesn’t want to tell his fans that he is dating her cause his fan will threaten her. i know how it feels beliebers,but we just got to let him go. let him live his life. i don’t meen hate him or get him out of your life. love him but don’t be jealous when ever he wants a girl or if he flirts with them.

  4. o cum on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that better not be real . Justin can do better than tat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people luv him because he’s cute and a good singer . i like him cause he’s just himself ! i like wacky funny dudes like tat . he’s not afraid to be him self . I LUV U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kay peoplez…they probably were macking, but y does it matter if they r going out or not…shes pretty all by herself and we all like her!!! stop being in denial cuz guess what…THEY WERE SUCKING FACE IN THE BACK OF A HONDA SEDAN!!!!!!!

  6. That is NOT Jasmine Villegas! It is definitely Kendall Jenner! It doesn’t even look like Jasmine! If you don’t believe us go to whosdatingwho.com ! sorry!

  7. ahha wow everyones getting so worked up…. please all these girls are crying because justin and jasmine have a thing :P…. not to be rude but one in a billion people will meet justin BIEBER. so i wouldnt get so worked up and cry about it. ahah but thats soooo funny how much people would CRY for u justin … shows ur loved ahah. ATTA BOY ;)

  8. im like gona totally die if he is seriously i mean i get hes a boy hes sixteen and he has his rights but hes a famous sixtten year old HOT boy i mean come on every girl wants a taste of that DUH!!!!!!!!

  9. just to make it clear, justin bieber is not gay because if he was he wouldn’t of had 3 girlfriends, he wouldn’t be singing and writing songs about girls and he wouldn’t have more than a million fans who are girls and who want to marry him, kiss him, or be his girlfriend. p.s the pictures are real. it’s soo ovious.

    • ahahaha ya it must suck being famous well be famous might be awesome but having to deal with papprazzi taking pics and turning what is real into somethen els. i feel sorry for famous people who are caut in that situation. i meen you guys are just regular people, its not like people are going around taking pics of us and making up a story to pu with the picture. people need to givce you guys a break. but do have to say your so pretty and you have one of the most beautiful voices iv ever heard, and justin is uper hot and has an amazing voic as well… love you guys both <3 (btw. can you respond to me jasmine please!!!! and justin can you say something to me to please!!!)

    • hey jasmine i love your music. your my idol. i wish i could meet u someday. by the way love your style of clothing. u said to keep it simple and so i am. much love:)

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