Justin Bieber Meeting Greyson Chance on Season Premiere of Ellen’s Show

Greyson Chance meeting Justin Bieber at the season premiere of Ellen’s show after the VMA’s.

“what’s up man ? u looking smooth. i like ur shoes”

Lol Justin :)

  1. omg! i luv u i luv u iluv u justin ur my biggest fan i luv ur songs i listen to ur songs on the radio everyday i wish i could meet u justin i luv u

      • ok wat happen was that i got into an argument with my fukin dad bout hangin out with my friends at worlds of fun. i asked him if i could go with them and he said “u hang out wit ur friends too much!” and im all like “wat the hell r u talkin bout?!” this is the 1st time ive hang out with them!!”then i it keeps goin on fer like 30 mins. i got really pissed! i wanted to throw my cup at him so bad!! (and this happened after dinner by the way) i hated him ever since 7th grade! he wont let me hav a fukin cell phone he wont let me hang out with my fukin friends!!! im so tired of my fukin dad!!! i wish he could die in a fukin ditch sumwere!! im still pissed too!! man i fukin hate him so much!!! and i really want to go too!!!!! theres gonna be guys there!!

  2. I know same with my dad but wat i do is just like calm down then talk 2 him about it and 4give him and tell him that yr old enough 2 take care of yrself

    • no way!! hes a bull shitter!! if i say im old enough hes just gonna kick me out! i just noe it!! hes different from other dads
      then all this bull crap is gonna fall out of his mouth! like “u no respondsible!” or “let me see permission slip” or “if its not related to school then u aint goin” and even “no they are going to sell u” i seriously hate him!! there is no love for him like at all!! not even 0 its like negative 1 million percent!!

  3. Mine 2 but im trying my hardest 2 be happy for the things i have in life bec just think of it yr lucky 2 have a dad thats really protective i meen would u just rather have a dad who does give a shit about life or people i meen theres people i know that never had a dad or a mom so im just sayin that u should be gratful 4 the things you have in yr life

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