Fans Caught Justin Bieber without Security Guards at the EDMONTON

Justin Bieber Meets Fans without Security guards at the Edmonton. So proud of you beliebers! you guys didn’t chase him. I know that must have been hard. :D

Some beliebers would have been jumping up and down, like running forward, then backwards, then forward, then backwards, then pulling Justin Bieber’s hair ;)

thanks to for the video.

  1. dam….JB looks all scared! thought u liked bein chased by girls JB
    …..hmm i wouldnt like bein chased by girls either…cause im a girl and girls can be scary sumtimes….

  2. hi Justin bieber

    what up? i am so sorry you under staund me will i said so sorry friend good? :( i am sad that y? :) i many ?? i ask you ???

    • Justin Says he Loves his fans but i read in a magazine that when he was asked for an autograph from a little girl and her mom he strated to compline saying like it’s my day off, And in this video it’s rude of him not to sigh at least 1 autograph his fans love him but he doesn’t love them as much as he says he does. And If you havn’t relized, he’s dating Selena Gomez and he’s not going to tell anyone! We all know it just tell us!

    • Well DUH!!!!!!!! no one can ever replace him!!!!!!! and im gonna be a beliber for the rest of my life!!!!!! i might even get a tatoo that says that!!!!! i will never change my mind about him!!! i love him and i always will!!!!!!!!

  3. wow. last night i had a really cool dream about me and jb. ok we were at my school 4 some reason and 2 of my friends were there and they were talking to him and i was just sitting there. they got done talking and this big mob of people came running through the door. so, he grabs my hand and we start running toward the top parking lot and idk what else happens. but then im back at my house and someone knocks at my door and im home alone so i look out the window first, i see that it is him and i open the door( and this a few months later cause it is winter). i run out just as he is about to leave and i say justin then we hug and he says sorry that he didnt call. then i woke up… wow that was really long.

  4. wow! they were lucky! i wish i was there :l i’m sooo happy that the fans didn’t go and jump on him or do anything else to him cuz he wouldn’t like that! now he would of been angry! OMG he was sooo cuuuute! i luv him soooo much that i would do anything for him! i wouldn’t care if i was his servent! luv youh justin! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you beliebers for not doing anything bad to him wen he was there! i’m really happy! :):):):):):):)

  5. I’m In LOVE With This Guy! xx
    But Whenever I Try To Buy A Ticket They’ve All Sold Out!
    And Theres No Competitions To Get Any :( x
    Can SomeOne REPLY When They Find One,
    Thanks A Bunch!, Nicola Howard,14 xx

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