Justin Bieber Official Fan Mail Address

Justin Bieber Fan Mail Address

c/o Justin Bieber
The Island Def Jam Group
Worldwide Plaza, 825 8th Ave., 28th Fl.

New York, NY 10019
Tel. 212-333-8000

  • BarbieGirl

    1th! :)

    • BarbieGirl

      1st *

      I thought that I am second, but i missed the number ‘2’ xD

      • Marie John


    • ChAd

      WTF why is ur name fuckin barbie girl ur a fuckin bitch.

      • Emmy

        Don’t be mean.

      • twihearter1129

        shut the fck uo urs is a stupid name 2

      • drew

        hay be nice k :) plz i have been bulleyed ever sins jb first song came out jist because i like his songs i have taking a lot of punches for jb and bullied so can u be nice thank you :)

      • olya

        wtf shut your mout and just shut up am the bigers jb fan and my last name i bieber to soo plee shut your stupit mouth.

      • Olivia

        Don’t be mean okay. Ya know if u say it 2 someone else, u are 1 2!

      • Bagel

        Such a troll.

      • tiffany

        lol thats really funny but not to the girl though

      • faye

        hey if am justin if you see this i need you help i wish you could come to my real house. xxxxx

      • carabara

        u ara so a big bulley

      • Extreme Bieber lover

        Why r u being so stupid and cussing there could be some little kids on here that love justin Bieber so be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Amy Goldberg

        i love JB he is hot i want to be his girlfriend. oh yeah! I am 13 years old in 8th grade.

      • olyvia

        justin bieber is my man don’t talk to him like that cause it hurt when he fell from heaven he’s face is like an angel

      • trinity

        yea that’s not nice

      • Teona

        What the hell is your prouble?



    • drew

      hay if this is jb i was wondering if i cold have 2min of your time it wold mean the world to me its about guy haters and some pursunl stuff and i tryed to remove a pict of u off the web its a verey bad 1 of u with out your shorts on when u get this plz call or add me on xbox live its rowdy golden or rowdygolden@hotmail.com plz and thank you :) your 14year old fan drew :) :P

      • babyt

        do u love jb

      • leora


      • TANIA

        you sexy

      • TANIA

        i am 13 boo sexy boy

    • drew

      If this is jb i was wondering if i cold have 2min of your time it wold mean the world to me its about guy haters and some pursunl stuff and i tryed to remove a pict of u off the web its a verey bad 1 of u with out your shorts on when u get this plz call or add me on xbox live its rowdy golden or rowdygolden@hotmail.com plz and thank you :) your 14year old fan drew :P

      • A JB HATER

        u guys r all assholes

      • lil_princess55

        i can nt believe tht jb has fans and a wife! i mean he had sex with selena 5times i swear i saw t on youtube.But yet he has gy fans no offence i just 4t he is still gay.BUt ya CUL8R!:)

      • Extreme Bieber lover

        Um why r u on this website if you hate Justin Bieber also he is amazing and he changed my life

      • fatima malik

        omg ur so mean who do u think u are don’t come on this website if youre gonna be nasty

      • justin

        hey its Justin i will email you next week

    • christian Beadles

      imarocketstar@hotmail.com is his fan emile adress he replies to it sometimes

      • siearra

        hey….. justin bieber how are you your songs is great to hear on the coputer beacuse i like you a lot i want to meat you on stage i have your dvd at my house… im your big for your fam ad i like you as a grilfreind

      • talk zone

        his real fan email address is justin.fanmail@gmail.com. i promise. i emailed him one time and he emailed me back.

      • babyt

        r u cerious

      • joystin

        If u dont like justin then dont come on his websites leave msgs and be spasticated trolls ur just jelous

        follow me if u agree

      • nadia

        Hello Justin Bieber
        If you get a chance to sport the poor Pakistani Christian children who are not able to go to school because of their poverty would you like to do it? I hope I will get a good response from you.
        God bless you

      • Breana

        Cool thanks.You are soooo cute by the way ;)

      • Serenity

        yea okay

      • yoyoman

        hey jb how it going man i would like to be friend with you in rl so ya see ya :) my name is brendon rougeur

      • Angie

        I love u and ur music Soo much all ur fans will support u all the time! I love everything about u! I’m a big fan! ❤️ JB4LIFE

      • Jennifer Baxter


    • faye

      hi justin my name is faye i love you songs and you i have a littile sister omg im realy love justin bye im out

      • justin biebers #1 fan & lover

        i think people that are being mean on justin biebers fan page wiill not get to meet him if u do then don’t cuss each other yhen like u guy are so wierd

      • Breana

        Hey Justin I luv u sooo much!!!! Christian beadles is also hot I saw pics in the Justin bieber book.
        And thanks Christian for Justin’s email. :) luv y’all

    • Ava

      hay guys its me justin biebers future wife i hope but probably wont happen hes mine man so back off

      • Mrs.Bierber so back OFF!LOL

        Justin I love you so much. You are very talented and good looking. You are also a very goo role model. You show kids if you put your mind to it you can do anything. Also I would like to meet you in person plz plz plz plz so i would really really appreciate it if replied. But also I would like to that this past year I have went through some pretty bad things but you helped me get through them. Because I knew you would so then that met that I had to. But anyway I love bye. Hope you keep up the good work.

    • belieber#1

      im his biggest fan,and i can prove it.

      • nicola

        no i think i am

    • turbo 101

      cool name barbiegirl :)

    • Zoyeeta Lewis

      i love you so much justin and i live in the uk i hope you can find time to visit me in London,England i am 11 and my life revolves around you mostly so if u can find time can u come and visit me i go to Walthamstow Academy

      love youxxxxx

    • Jbloverhater

      I think jb is a bastard/moron beacause he dances with prostitutes and he does SUPER inapropriate and disturbing things!

  • caleb


    • N.N.S.H.

      actually ur 2nd

  • iheartjustinbieber02468

    tell me thats his real fan mail address justin if u are reading this then i want to say that i really need to talk to u about something that i need help on so reply as soon as u can thank you =)<333333

    • Justin Bieber

      what is the problem?

      • danielle bonillas

        hello Justin bieber

      • !!!!! *M* E * G * A * N * !!!!!

        idk what tha prodlem is when i got on here some ppl was fussing i did not get in 2 it bc i did not know what was going on ….

      • justin bieber luv gurl

        hey r u the real 1

      • iheartjustinbieber02468

        i was so going to ask that to him lolz tell me he is xd

      • drew

        hay if this is jb i was wondering if i cold have 2min of your time it wold mean the world to me its about guy haters and some pursunl stuff and i tryed to remove a pict of u off the web its a verey bad 1 of u with out your shorts on when u get this plz call or add me on xbox live its rowdy golden or rowdygolden@hotmail.com plz and thank you :) your 14year old fan drew :)

      • christian Beadles

        LOL justin apparently the problem is that your fans want your Emile LOL badly so we talked about it at my house and you said it was okay if i gave it to them. (FANS) here is his Emile imarocketstar@hotmail.com

      • ashley

        you are the real jb????

      • olya

        the stupit boy is making big deal about
        yor last name

      • heaven lee

        hey justin im heaven. im a huge fan it would mean the world to me if you e-mailed me<33 please

      • heaven lee

        my e-mail is.. heaven_lee124@yahoo.com

      • Demi Justine

        hi justin bieber what your s email address

      • Rhiannan

        are you really Justin Drew Bieber ? if you are him i am a big fan of yours. How long have you and selena been going out? how is Jazzy is she cute like her picers?

      • georgia

        i love u jb can u plz email me georgia1234@hotmail.com.au

      • tyler fixx

        i love justin bieber

      • brownniche

        hi justin bieber how r u?r u real when i saw u i will trust u.

      • JustinBieber#1Fan

        Is this the real Justin Bieber?

      • JASMARY


      • mavaught

        Will you email me

      • anu

        to meet u .i have gone mad cause of u.best of luck to ur future with selena

      • Raven

        hey jb

      • JULE

        you see my sis wants you to sing as a consert please and i dont know if you can come

      • JULE

        jb i live in california temecula

      • meme lovej

        wats yor E-mail justin


        i love you jb

      • tatu baby

        hi if you guys dont like him then you just shouldnt be on here im not sayin i like him but i like his songs but seriously you are all acting childish

      • leora

        i dont know

      • @justinbieber

        tell me thats his real fan mail address justin if u are reading this then i want to say that i really need to talk to to u about something that i need help on so replay as soon as u can thank you (=33333

      • @justinbieber

        help by coming to north carolina brunsville 28714 !

      • Sarah

        Hi justin bieber I sent you an email

      • Sarah

        Hi justin bieber I sent you an email please answer me at sarah.trafton@vansd.org

      • Sarah

        I love your songs what is your email I’ll send u a pic

      • Sarah

        R u the real 1?!?!!?? :)

      • Sarah

        What’s up in Florida?

      • Angie

        Hi justin I’m a big fan! I was wondering if thts really ur email. ❤️ Cuz if it is I’ll give it a try and email u!

    • Diamond Cleaves

      Hello Justin Bieber,my name is Diamond Cleaves. I’m your biggest fan. I was wondering what is your phone number so I can call you sometimes. I really like your music. I was also wondering can you be one of my friends on facebook. I have my own facebook page. We can send each other text messages. Please can you be one of my friends on facebook? Please answer me back when you get a chance?

      • christian Beadles

        Hey sorry but justin doesn’t give out numbers to fans but he emiles them and his Emile is imarocketstar@hotmail.com

      • babyt

        o plz he woldn’t fall for u

    • raven

      number text

  • justin bieber luv gurl

    yea i can send him letters

  • luver 101

    for sum reason I dont believe this!

  • danielle bonillas

    i whanting for you for you to chat with me Jb? many what i as??? Justin Bieber

  • !!!!! *M* E * G * A * N * !!!!!

    brook r u ok what happend

    • Brook

      lets talk on the 2nd post and i will tell u wat happened

      • Brook

        stop posing as me!!!! brook i am the real brook!

      • Brook

        o stop bitch yr just a real fake person bitch im the real 2 bitch

    • AlexandraJB

      I really like your name its really unique

      • Brook

        thank u!!!

      • ♥ ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥ ♥

        Yes he is the real Justin Bieber Ashley

  • **U*Kno*U*Love*Me{Kimmy}

    Hey justin

    • tifftiff

      like he ever reads these. he probubly pays people to act like him on here.

      • christian Beadles

        Justin does not pay people to act like him It’s eather him or someone stupid. this is christian beadles and his emile is imarocketstar@hotmail.com you can talk to him if you want

      • babyt

        true girl

  • tifftiff

    yea every1 thinks that he is just soooooooooooooo awesome and they say they luv him and hes so hot . hes just 1 guy give it a rest.and another thing hes just 1 guy and have u actually met him? then how can you say u luv him if u dont even really know him.

    • babyt

      hey its so dum

  • **U*Kno*U*Love*Me{Kimmy}

    Where’d brook go? she sd she wanted caleb 2 call her an he wouldnt an then she sd she was goin through alot an was about 2 have a panick attick

    • Brook

      im rite here lol

      • Victoria

        Omg I am obsessed w justin bieber u are the cutest person I have ever seen

  • N.N.S.H.

    hmmm….ill probably forget to send him a fan letter by tomorrow….

  • tifftiff

    well this place is real boring. doesnt anyone talk about anything????????

    • justin bieber luv gurl

      yea it can kinda can get boring but sometimes u can talk 2 famous people and justin u can listen 2 music

      • tifftiff

        he actually talks on here??? i thought famus people never talk in these rooms..

      • tifftiff

        i doesnt mean that it is really him though….

      • tifftiff

        i meant it

      • N.N.S.H.


  • Brook

    i should call that fan mails number lol

  • Brook

    is anyone on im bored and i want 2 talk 2 someone

    • babyt


  • J.Biebs

    hey guys ! =) i love how this person made a web for me. =D lol

    • danielle bonillas

      who me Hi Justin Bieber?

    • mishaal fatima

      hello JB!i’m your biggest fan from pakistan.please tell me your real email address.i will also give you mine.please reply along with my name.i love ya!

    • mishaal fatima

      hey JB!my email is gulfamsadiq@gmail.com.please do email me.

    • ashley

      are you the real justin?if you are I will kill you.why you dont have email?why you are friend with selena?Ilove you.I know that you didnt came back to this website but if you sea this mesage pleas give me your real email.if you are real justin bieber.

      • babyt

        y wold he do that u said ur ganna kill him

      • mishaal fatima

        hey justin i love you and your music my famly thinks you are a beaver and if so you are the cuttest beaver i have ever seen love ya ashley

    • ashley

      wwwwwwwwww wwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwww
      are you the real justin bieber?I love you so much.I love you and selena.pleas email me ashley_tis@hotmail.com.pleas give your email to me.I love you sooo much.

    • Sarah

      Hi justin bieber I sent you an email

  • shana

    i jb my name is shanna i wish to come to one of your concert but i live in jamaica

  • Brook

    Even tho im mad @ caleb i still miss him

    • N.N.S.H.

      awwww!! XD

  • justin bieber

    Hey everyone,thanks for writing to me send me new stuff…thanks diamond cleaves I only have a fan page In facebook. thanks everyone love ya!!!

    • danielle bonillas

      welcome Justin bieber

    • Iheartjustinbieber02468

      Anything for u Justin xd

    • jamie

      hey jb i am your number 1 fan i love you too

      • jamie miller

        hi Justin Bieber i am your big fan i did see you when you was in Cleveland Ohio Noverember 2009 i would like to get a chance to meet you in person you are my role model

    • antonia

      Hiya JB.
      i know your reakky busy but could you email me i will never forget if you do i think you are sooo cute that sounds wierd even though your 17 i stil love you though.I’ll be waiting for your email even if it just says hi i will be over joyed.
      antonia xx :-D

    • Raven

      love jb

    • Raven

      love JB

      • raven

        love jb

    • JULE

      my sis has a birth day party apirl 4 from11am to7pm can you come?

    • JULE

      i dont have a face book acount

    • joystin

      i k now its so not justin

    • sophie

      hi i dont have facebook i cant spell veary well i HAVE TRUBBEL WITH SPELLING

    • Noelia

      are u the real jb

    • Maddy

      is this the real justin.

  • N.N.S.H.

    mm-hmm….and r u the real JB?

  • breanna

    hey i love u justin drew bieber!!!

  • danielle bonillas

    hey Justin Bieber

    i am bigger bigger number one fan i like your music all alots good day of your tours have fun friend? :) oh Justin Drew Bieber

  • zohreh

    hi justin iam zohreh from iran im one of ur biggest fan in iran
    i love ya my email is zo_1374@yahoo.com

    • zohreh

      when i sayed im one of ur biggest fans i didnt mean im fat remmember

  • zohreh

    i have bad luck because every time i come here and justin is in jbz too he left jbz after a few secondss (crying)

    • siearra

      i have bad luc beacuse every time i come here and justin is in jbz too he left jbz after a few secondss crying from siearra

  • zohreh

    no body here? im alone? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Jessica

      nope im here lol dont worry im always too late 2 lol

  • amrina-lurv-ya!

    hye there. sory 4 trbling u..i hope u will go 2 malaysia. search me in facebook (amrina latif) k? i’m at da top pic. i hope i’m the one that u’ll choose., :)

  • mickey

    hi justin you there I realy whana to say something for you

    • Real bieber

      Yes I am here

  • jbxxx

    look peeps jb aint gonna come on here cuz this aint his actully site if wanna get in touch go on bieberfever.com he even has it on twiiter as 1 of his site

    • Amanda

      Ok, i’ll go there so thanks jbxxx.

      but i’m still visit this site too

      • tifftiff

        yes everyone go there and pay to be a fan. i mean i like him and think hes a good singer but im not gonna pay to be a fan.

  • mahrokh

    Hi justin.I am mahrokh from iran and i am 16 and i was born in 1st of march in 1995 too.I have your fever.I love you very much for ever.if you have time please send an email to me.my email is mahrokheinolghozati@yahoo.com I love you i love you

  • niyaz jackson

    hey justin …my name is niyaz..2 days ago i add someone in my yahoo messenger with this id..rb1nb1@yahoo.com.he sead to me im justin bieber..he gave me cam…yes i saw you…then he sead to me if i love him i must to pull up my skirt in cam…i didnt do that…im too sad now..is that relly u????im too angry now???pleas answer me…if you want to i be alive….thanks…..

    • lowenna

      it wasnt him it wouldnt be because he wouldnt say that and it would be a fake vid soz

    • christian Beadles

      Hello niyaz this is Christian Beadles if you would like to talk to justin Bieber his Emile is imarocketstar@hotmail.com and me and justin are glad that you did not do that. justin does reply to that Emile.

      • Monique :)

        hey christian :) you should give us your email too ehehe . ;)

  • Ms. Bieber Fever 4eva

    ummmmm why is the adrress in florida???? how is going to get them if the mail is all the way in florida. lol and he lives in Atlanta and Canada????? weird…….