Justin Bieber Official Fan Mail Address

Justin Bieber Fan Mail Address

c/o Justin Bieber
The Island Def Jam Group
Worldwide Plaza, 825 8th Ave., 28th Fl.

New York, NY 10019
Tel. 212-333-8000

  1. tell me thats his real fan mail address justin if u are reading this then i want to say that i really need to talk to u about something that i need help on so reply as soon as u can thank you =)<333333

  2. yea every1 thinks that he is just soooooooooooooo awesome and they say they luv him and hes so hot . hes just 1 guy give it a rest.and another thing hes just 1 guy and have u actually met him? then how can you say u luv him if u dont even really know him.

  3. Where’d brook go? she sd she wanted caleb 2 call her an he wouldnt an then she sd she was goin through alot an was about 2 have a panick attick

  4. Hey everyone,thanks for writing to me send me new stuff…thanks diamond cleaves I only have a fan page In facebook. thanks everyone love ya!!!

  5. hey Justin Bieber

    i am bigger bigger number one fan i like your music all alots good day of your tours have fun friend? :) oh Justin Drew Bieber

  6. hye there. sory 4 trbling u..i hope u will go 2 malaysia. search me in facebook (amrina latif) k? i’m at da top pic. i hope i’m the one that u’ll choose., :)

  7. look peeps jb aint gonna come on here cuz this aint his actully site if wanna get in touch go on bieberfever.com he even has it on twiiter as 1 of his site

  8. hey justin …my name is niyaz..2 days ago i add someone in my yahoo messenger with this id..rb1nb1@yahoo.com.he sead to me im justin bieber..he gave me cam…yes i saw you…then he sead to me if i love him i must to pull up my skirt in cam…i didnt do that…im too sad now..is that relly u????im too angry now???pleas answer me…if you want to i be alive….thanks…..

  9. ummmmm why is the adrress in florida???? how is going to get them if the mail is all the way in florida. lol and he lives in Atlanta and Canada????? weird…….

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