Justin Bieber on Political Campaign ads

Campus Progress, an American group of college activists have produced a campaign video encouraging people to think how their decision to vote (or not) will impact Bieber’s future.

The video tells people that if voters “won’t do it for you, ask them to do it for Bieber.”

The video has already attracted a lot of attention and criticism, with the likes of the Washington Post calling it the “worst political ad ever”.

The makers of the ad have defended their use of Bieber in their campaign, stressing “what’s so objectionable about encouraging each other to vote?”

Is this an appropriate use of Bieber? What would Justin say?

Source: Safm.com.au

  1. uhhhh idk wat dat means but if it doesnt mean dat they r sayin shit bout jb im ok but if they r…kiss my ass
    **4 da record: i rly rly rly rly dont kno wat da caption under da video is tryin 2 say…but all i wanna kno is r they sayin nice thngs bout justin or not??? some1 tell me plz**

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