Rochelle Diamante “U Smile” Music Video/Cover

After hearing song “U Smile” that Justin Bieber wrote for his fans, Rochelle Diamante was
inspired to record a cover and make a video from a girl’s perspective.

  1. She did give it a nice try, but something is just so off, I think it’s the melody. I don’t think this song suits her voice really well. She has a very pretty one though.

  2. thanks for accompany me all this time. :)
    thank you my purple singer justin, thank you already want to care for my comment:) ♥
    and Janice :)

    My homework has been piling up.
    maybe I will be online at 3:30 pm (Indonesian time)
    thank you all:)♥♥

  3. You are not the real Justin bieber believe me girls he is making you fools ;)
    And that can be any body that want to hear some body call him cute or etc …..

    Thumbs up if u agree :)

    • And by the way I’m not a hater I luv justin big fan
      But I hate people pretending to be him get that this is Justin bieber fan site not the fake Justin bieber fan site ;)

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