Florida Man Named Justin Bieber Kicked off Facebook

You may think you know Justin Bieber, but you don’t know this Justin Bieber.

Meet 35-year-old Justin Bieber from Jacksonville, Florida, a man who can no longer sleep at night because of the non-stop calls from Bieber fans. He changed his phone number and put it in his wife’s name, but it still was put on a fan website. Now he gets even more calls – sometimes 50 messages in two hours. Usually, he just unplugs the phone.

Big Bieber says he also receives between two and ten fan letters a day.

Worse yet, Big Justin Bieber was kicked off Facebook after being accused of using a fake name. “I guess their policy is ban first, ask questions never.”

He tried to contact Facebook to get reinstated, but it’s hard. Bieber had an account for six months, when with no warning or email, his account was disabled.

Poor Big Bieber. 😀

Source: Firstcoastnews.com

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