Jasmine Villegas Singing “Jealous” and “Overboard” at Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber & Jasmine Villegas singing Overboard at Justin’s My World Tour.

Jasmine Villegas performing her song called “jealous” , On Justin Bieber’s My World Concert Tour at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. 10/22/2010

  1. omfg im takin bak everythng i said [nice] bout jasmine!!! bitch imma kick ur ass!! n im done being nice im done just talkin shit im done playin games…IF I C JASMINE N JUSTIN KISSIN OR HOLDIN HANDS THNG DAT THEY DID WEN SINGING “Overboard” IMMA FIND U JASMINE N SHANK UR ASS!!!!! im done being nice imma take action!!! n yea ik i said ALOT of nice crap bout jasmine wen jb wanted jasmine 2 stay in hawii wit him but now…IM TAKIN IT ALL BAK!!!! she sings like shit n justin sings like an angel!!! yea shes da same race as me but i aint sayin shit bout mexicans…im sayin bout her!! c da differences (hope so)….anyways im just done playin games n imma take action so WATCH UR BAK JASMINE VILLAGE—OR WATEVER UR NAME IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. guys even if i don’t know you I’ll just ask one question do you like jasmin or justin’s girlfriend today(caitlin beadles)?

  3. i’m sooooo pissed! that was in my hometown, but i couldn’t go! i was soooooooo mad! but instead of wasting my day crying, i blasted up all his songs, called my friends, and we hung out until the concert was over!!!

    • thats a way to kick back. i would be tiked if i couldnt go but i would probley do wat u did. dude everyone is hatein on jasmin. its like they cant be happy for justin. as a rockstar ur lucky if u can find time for a date. i am tiked with all the haters. if ur one thats fine but im just sick of all the cusing crap thats going on. its not like they had a chance to be with him anyways so wats the point. am i right???????????????????????

  4. if people are going to say bad things to jasmine then they should really get banned she has done nothing to u so why should u say bad things to her stop it how would u like it if people said those things to u? obviously u wouldnt like it at all so dont say bad things to her awesome video justin ;)love youuu <3

  5. hi dear justin bieber
    im hiva from iran in city saghez-kurdestan
    i very very love u
    i like song u
    please send me your photos and album
    do u like friend me?

  6. omg i loved that!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost cried at the end… he was so cute.. i wish that was me up there singin with him….. love the site oh and jb dos know about the site.. its in his book jk…. but he dose know about this site

    love u justin bieber

  7. Y does everyone has 2 be so rude 2 jasmine villegas?I personally think tht justin bieber & jasmine villegas are a cute pair.So plz stop talking s*** about jasmine villegas.
    P.S.justin bieber, *writni*, and my other friends plz reply if u guys agree.PLZ (tht would mean a lot)
    Alicia Adams :)

      • Thts my question.i did give him my phone number and my email…tht it he might of haved email me. i love my boyfriend but i dont now how 2 say it.can u help me wit tht problem.

      • if yuh really lovee him then just go ahead and tell him, cause dats wat i did and i was worried dat he wasnt ready for dat but he actually said it bak and i was really happy . and if yuh havee his number then go ahead and kal him and just c wats going on cause maybe he’s just busy or something .

  8. I love both these singers! they remind me so much of this new artist Adison Skye she’s sooo good and has great songs!

    • i meant what is it with some over u girls flipping on her is justin song he can have who ever he wants to sing iit

  9. i forgot to mention that i was in the first row and he touched my hand. i was crying. i took 200 photos almost. i will never forget that night it was amazing.i had backstage passes and i almost fainted when i hugged him. the fact that i was in the same room as him was special. and it was on birthday. i love justin bieber and that concert was the best one ive ever been to. if someone eraised my brain thats the thought i would remember. i stuck my phone number in his jacket pocket. the next day i got a call and it was him. it waz awsome. we talked and i got some info from him sayin he dose know about this site. he said hed look me up next time he comes to florida. that concert changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i think him and jessica jarrell will make a cute couple i kno thats not her above but like they are cute together its just my opinion

  11. Wait i thought jessica jarrell song it With him @ the concert in march! cuz she recorded the song with him in the 1st place and i also thought she did because she song on stage with him in august @ ohio??? (Btw im talkn bout The song “overboard”)

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