Justin Bieber at “Megamind” Movie Premiere in LA, 10/30/10

Justin Bieber arrives at the “Megamind” movie Premiere at Mann Chinese 6 on October 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. He sure looks hot with that geeky glasses.

      • i am asking a question i wasnt being mean or anything i really didnt kno and i wanted to kno if he needed the glasses or not so i can put it on my face book page. i personaly think he looks hot in them but its wat ever.its just my opinion. not like it means anything to any body… :/

  1. *wrtni* do u want 2 chat wit me on chatzone? please do.i will be wiating for u in the chatzone.(as long as i can wit out my grandma knowing)

  2. hola como tas soy una de las miles de fans te quiero mucho espero que te vaya bien en todo lo que hagas hoy y siempre……….

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