Justin Bieber Donates 500 tickets @ Variety’s 4th Annual Power of Youth Event

Justin Bieber attends Variety’s 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event held at Paramount Studios Hollywood, CA, on October 24, 2010. Justin Bieber arrived on the red carpet at Paramount Studios in Hollywood wearing a bright pumpkin colored orange shirt with black jeans.

He was there to help celebrate the power the kids and teens can have in the world. Variety’s Power of Youth is an initiative that encourages top young talent to become involved with humanitarian causes, using their positions in popular culture to motivate others to do the same.

To mark the occasion, Justin donated 500 concert tickets to the various charities involved in the program so they can be given to the children.

Bieber Tweeted about the event saying: ‘Best part was I got to surprise the charities being honored. My show tomorrow at the Staples Centre in LA is sold out but… We saved 500 tickets to give 100 each to each charity being honoured to give to kids in need and let them have a fun night they deserve.’

Also at the event was actress Victoria Justice and reality star Kendall Jenner.

What do you think about the Power of Youth event on Sunday?

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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    Awww how sweet of Justin to do that that’s why I love him for who he is because inside of him is a loving person who has so much love to give to these kids it’s really sweet of u to do that Justin ;)

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