Neyo on Bieber “that kid has some real talent”

Neyo admits that he is a fan of Justin Bieber and thinks that Justin is one to watch and they could even duet one day.

“It could be said that Justin Bieber is just a little cute guy who does his kiddie pop music and in a couple of years people are going to forget about him,” said Ne-Yo. “I don’t believe that, I think that kid has some real talent.”

The R & B star believes that as long as he has the right songs Justin will have a long career ahead of him.

“You have yet to see the best of Justin Bieber. He’s only 16, he’s getting better and better,” he added. “Watch out for that dude.”

Meanwhile Bieber posted on his facebook: “I got discovered singing your song SO SICK. thanks for the love. Big fan of Neyo. Dude is a Beast”

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