A Guy with Justin Bieber Poster. Gay?

Everyone thinks that if a guy likes Justin Bieber the he is gay. Umm… not really! I like that he is not afraid to admit that he is a Justin fan.

Pity he talks like a retard. but he looks like Drake and Vin Diesel. :)

62 thoughts on “A Guy with Justin Bieber Poster. Gay?

  1. sammie246

    My favorite color is blue and purple i promiss!! it is so sad that people call you gay i know your not!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!:)
    I love surfing and skating!!!:)


    u 2 do know that it says ppl think bieber fans that r boys r gay rite. but that is so not true. that is hurtful 2 them

  3. Lauraaa

    if you’re a girl and you have a poster of Taylor Swift in your room, does that make you a lesbian? No. So, this kid probably likes Justin because of his ability to get girls ;)

    I’m pretty sure every guy wants the amount of chicks Justin’s getting. (:

  4. EmoGurl7771

    I think this Dude has autism. BUT I love the fact he’s NOT afraid to admit that He lIkes Justin Bieber!!!!!! That dude is really kool! I can just tell anyone would be lucky to be his friend(:

  5. kjs

    I don’t think fans should be put down just because the songs Justin sings are what people think ‘girls’ should like. If its okay for girls to like songs that other girls sing for guys, then it should work both ways. Right? Let people like what they want to. Guys don’t say girls are lezis or anything for liking another girls music. I don’t get why you should call this kid or any other guy fan out there…’gay’ cause really… its okay to like his music. thrs other guys out there tht r just jealous or think there too cool for tht. so good for him tht he stands up for himself and says wht he likes. i didnt listen to the video clip bcuz my computr is running a bit slow. sorry.

  6. tanya p

    y doz is a guy assumed to b gay if he’s a justin bieber fan??
    ne ways he doz sound a bit retarded (no offence to him) prob. jus hw he’s trying to speak clearly in the vid i dunno lolzzz

  7. oshini

    Come on girlzzzz…. he iz nt gay…
    he is just a fan of Justin!!!
    u all got it wrong…
    Anyway I love dat poster…

  8. caleb

    gay.. rtard.. gay.. rtard.. gay.. retard.. gay..rtard.. gay.. retard.. gay.. rtar..d gay …rtard…. thats all i cann say 4 npw


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