One Belieber’s dream Come true

One lucky belieber had a moment Tuesday that she’ll remember forever — she was pulled from the crowd to join Justin Bieber on stage.

“Oh, he just made me melt,” Emma Curto, 14, recalled. Emma has more than 200 photos of Justin Bieber on her walls and enters every Bieber contest.

“This like, manager or person that was helping out, came up to see me and asked, ‘Would you like to be the ‘One Less Lonely Girl’?” Emma said.

Watch the video- One Less Lonely Girl Live Air Canada Centre Toronto Ontario Canada 23 november 2010

Moments later, Emma was sitting on stage, a giant bouquet of red roses in her lap, as Bieber crooned to her.

“This is the part where I just couldn’t breathe,” Emma recalled as she watched video of herself on stage.

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl,” Bieber sang as he put his hand to her right cheek as she heaved. Then he touched his forehead to hers.

“And that moment was mag …! ”
“It is the best memory of my life. It will be the best moment of my life. Nothing can top that,” she said, before adding, “Unless we get married.”

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