Justin Bieber Family’s House in Stratford, Canada (pic)

(top pic) Bieber grandparents in the front yard (captured by Google’s Street View)
(bottom pic) Bieber family posing in front of the house

While mapping Justin Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Canada last year (2009), Google Street View car did not find Justin Bieber at home. However, Justin’s grandparents were captured in front of the property, as seen above (top image).

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        no i am not shitting you… lol… we seen justin there this past christmas he was there for about a week then he left to go on vacation with his entire family…. the house is located on willow street in stratford…

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        What the number of this house then, if yer gf actually lives next to him ( his grandparents , he lives in Atlanta) ??!!

      • justin

        288 Willow Street

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    omg its actually his house, cuz if u look at the windows and door in the bottem pic it’s the same layout and looks the same!!! i just really wish i new wat street!!!! lol

    love u justin

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      i’m his biggest fan 4 ur info!!!!!!

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    awwwwwww thats a nice house and a nice pic of his family too!!!

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    Omg! whats the address to this house? i think justin is beyond amazing and he is soooooo talented. saw him on saturday the 18th and he looked right in my eyes and waved at me when he walked around the backstage area. legit.

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      I have no clue what’s the address 2 his grandparents house.

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      lucky wish that was me:) :)

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      your a freaking lier you havn’t seen him in person just for your info :).idoit

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    my girlfriend is his neighbor…. seen him a couple times there

    • Dave

      its on willow st in stratford

      • angie sheets

        sweet i want to move there thanks so much

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      can u give juwtin bieber number fon?

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        ya me 2

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    justin you are beautiful, amazing and i love your voice…

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    I think its wrong you guys want to know were they live Justin Does not live there anymore hes in the us!! You have to respect his grandparents! And they may of lied about the top photo it might not have been the same!

    • angie sheets

      oh shucks

    • Neaa

      It’s the same, if u seen never say never u can see it’s exacly the same house :)

  • maha20000

    hello justin bieber i ‘m happy because im writing u a letter i check and check just 2 tell u that i like all ur music i’m realy kind ur only the 1 i like realy trust no another actress hope u can touch back

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    I luv u nd i think yr a gr8 inspiration :)

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    Justin i am your biggest fan. I am 8 years old. I have your posters all over my wall.

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      Hey Justin and iLove you 4ever
      &always & can I have your cell
      Number and call me on Wednesday ok @3:00 after school
      Ok @19056150037 xxx(;
      Love you boyfriend

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      i am a fan.you can call me jason that is my new name jason drew bieber
      you can call me at 8243-909and met me 4mill.