Justin Bieber Family’s House in Stratford, Canada (pic)

(top pic) Bieber grandparents in the front yard (captured by Google’s Street View)
(bottom pic) Bieber family posing in front of the house

While mapping Justin Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Canada last year (2009), Google Street View car did not find Justin Bieber at home. However, Justin’s grandparents were captured in front of the property, as seen above (top image).

  1. omg its actually his house, cuz if u look at the windows and door in the bottem pic it’s the same layout and looks the same!!! i just really wish i new wat street!!!! lol

    love u justin

  2. Omg! whats the address to this house? i think justin is beyond amazing and he is soooooo talented. saw him on saturday the 18th and he looked right in my eyes and waved at me when he walked around the backstage area. legit.

  3. I think its wrong you guys want to know were they live Justin Does not live there anymore hes in the us!! You have to respect his grandparents! And they may of lied about the top photo it might not have been the same!

  4. hello justin bieber i ‘m happy because im writing u a letter i check and check just 2 tell u that i like all ur music i’m realy kind ur only the 1 i like realy trust no another actress hope u can touch back

    • Hello Justin Bieber Is me My name is Mai chi Tran my house live now come my house really so proud of it and yours then better lot alright looking forword before you said me go out town with me on saturday you can buy food enjoy come my house after this us like you maybe and gives me a hug and kiss me my Friend hay justin Bieber my mum say hi to you getting better lot worry about me are you go on your laptop youtube and you got send hotmail for you really so hard for you always forever getting any same time I love you Justin Bieber kiss me
      were going to buy food on saturday maybe i be there see you soon ok better let go come my house

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    • Hey Justin and iLove you 4ever
      &always & can I have your cell
      Number and call me on Wednesday ok @3:00 after school
      Ok @19056150037 xxx(;
      Love you boyfriend

    • Really need to talk to you about an incident with my 5 year old at a recent concert. I know your busy but would really appreciate 10 minutes of your time. Thank you

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