Justin Bieber – PRAY (Official Music Video)

The wait is over.. here it is, the OFFICIAL VIDEO for “PRAY”. From the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album in Stores Exclusively at WAL-MART NOW!!!

Directed by Scooter Braun and Alfredo Flores.

I ♥ the song! It made me cry when I heard the song and now that I saw the video it makes me think a lot more about the souls in need!
Click here for Justin Bieber – Pray Lyrics

Message from Justin!
I wrote this song thinking of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror and we are donating a portion of the proceeds from every album sold to CHILDREN’s MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS. This song means alot to me and I Love this video. I hope you all do too and please support the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album at WALMART now. THanks so much. I love music and I love your support of my dream. We will never stop. This is just the beginning. CHASE YOUR DREAMS and always try to make a positive difference in other’s lives.

Much Love,


      • yesreday she hugged n she started cryin n i started cryin with her!!! :’( :’( :’(then a stupid guy came n told us “your grandpa will go 2 the hell..n i love when u cry girls,u look both hot!!!”i totally beat up him!!!!!

      • ohhhh…
        everythings gonna b alright…
        did u go 2 hospital to c her..
        If u didnt…. u better go…
        she needs u alot dis time…
        v’ll pray 4 her..

      • ohhh… k.. k…
        Try 2 calm her down…
        dats all u can do….
        ask her 2 come 2 ur house…then both u guyz come here(JBZ)…
        I’ll try my best 2 make her happy…

      • i cant…i call her but she dont answer!!!i made her laugh yesterday when i beat up dat guy!!!
        well everything goes alright with me n 2morow ill play 2 the volleyball game..my hand is very better..but im sad..caleb had a car accident..marinas grandpa dyin n shes sick..y????/?? :( :( :(

      • omg!!!!!!!!!i remember when my grandpa died n i wanna cry!!!!!! :( :( :(
        i think i ik wat 2 do….theres a guy at school who likes 2 marina..ill try 2 talk 2 him on monday!!!! :)

      • ohh u r a true friend sophie…
        Marina must b proud 2 have a friend like ya
        Anyway u r doing ur best 2 make a smile in her face..
        dats really good.. sophie..
        Anyway…wt happened 2 caleb really?
        Just tell me wt happened..I wont b able to b here anymore..I gtg…I’m sleepy..
        Good luck with ur volleyball game…Go n kill it!!!
        bye.. sweet dreamzzz

      • kk..sweet dreames!!!
        well,caleb had a car crash n he broke his hand n 2 fots..i hope he feels better..i really miss him!!!!!!!! :(

  1. WOW I luv it! Congrat to U boy.. and SISI$EVER i saw ur comment , hope things get better ..coz I know that feeling when u loose smeone in ur life I’ve lost a lot of persons one of them my grandfather/mother and my BEST friens and I was about to DIE bue life goes on and that it Im back again in this life..my peazz!!..TUNNG

  2. I wish to give u my addres but i dnt want to give that everybody[public] so im so sorry 4 that cuz writting here takes a long time and in a future time im going to watch a movie with my bro and then go to sleep and i cant writte here then & respond at u ..idk if u could undesrtand me something !!

  3. This song touches everyones heart…<3
    Made me cry too:')
    But just like you are, we will also pray for the children and unlucky people<3

  4. omg i love it,great job justin your so caring and so amazing to other kids,this video made me cry it was so sad but you really put some love in them kids lives :)keep up the great work and god bless you xoxo

  5. Well this video really ttuched my heart and made me cry and U r like a rollmodel to us and im thankfull to u to help all these people in help and well thank JB ur the best

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