Justin Bieber Sings “Teenage Dream” & Talks Bullying, Haters and Selena Gomez on Ellen Show(11/03/2010) (interview)

On Wednesday’s The Ellen Show, Justin Bieber opened up about his own struggles.

“There are so many bullies,It goes on so much…Everybody goes through bullying…even me. On my Youtube page there are so many haters,” Bieber told Ellen DeGeneres. “They just say crazy stuff.”

Still, he said, “Like, I’m not mad. I’m 16 years-old and I don’t have chest hair and I’m not angry about it at the moment. That will come!”

  1. DAMN! my boy got moves! lolz
    justin is awesome iflysfm jb
    **u make me feel like im livin a teen age dream da way u trun me on i cant sleep lets runaway n dont ever look bak dont ever look bak. my heart stops wen u look at me just 1 touch n bby i believe dis is real lets take a chance n dont ever look bak dont ever look bak** lmfao :D

  2. LOVE the dance He’s So HOT whn he daces lol and thst photo of him and Selena thy look sooo CUte together, the othr thing is tht his doing something abt bulling wich l thing its very good and cool of him coz my friend has been bulled and so have l and not most of teen celebs talk or put awareness abt bulling but am gald tht hes talking abt it, he right whn he says tht u may thing tht it may not happen to u but it can so lets help those plp :) Ur Rock My World Justin XD

    • AMANDA U SAID WHEELCHAIR ALL DAY? i never herd u. wait is this amanda from roundlake? its me danielle my nick-names dannie. i go to mrs frisby for math. ur in her home room righ?

  3. he can dance really gud!! i loved he danced in his ‘baby’ and ‘somebody to love’ vids! he’s Hooooottttttt!!! with a capital “H” lol

  4. You know Justin, you really are living a “teenage dream.” You know what I mean. Don’t you? Your 16 and you do alot of cool stuff that not every teen gets to do. I think thats pretty cool. I mean you got to ride in a private jet. That is really cool. ;) :) I wish I could do something like that once.

  5. omg im going to the jingle bash in decemeber and i can not wait to meet him and see him in the second row he dances soooooooooo hot

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  7. wooow really katy perry sing it better she made it duh! and y are u bitching about selena gomez and justin beiber gosh some fans cant grow up :)

  8. i like katy perry and i don’t mean to diss katy perry but Justin Bieber sings it better! :D p.s. hey Justin remember me? i asked you if you would call me. but you never call and you sayed you would remember? well you can call me for Christmas here’s my number (1-601-267-8117) and i don’t pick up just call this one. (1-601-900-9719) please do call btw call wean you can i don’t want to be a bother and it don’t have to be on Christmas day it can be after Christmas btw if you want to know how old i am I’m 16 my birth day was on the 24th of November well i g2g ttyl ICL your fan :)

  9. Hey if justin is here i want you to know that i can not wait till the new CSI comes out and that you are awesome and my favorite song is never say never cause that encourages kids to follow their dreams you are my idol love you biggest hugs kelsie <3

    P.S please reply back to me

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