Justin Bieber Interview about being Prankster and his Celebrity Crush

Justin Bieber doing an interview, talking about being a prankster, if he’s dating and about his celebrity crush.. usually it’s Beyonce but it takes him a while to answer. Maybe thinking about Selena Gomez? ;)

Well, at least he says that Jasmine isn’t his girlfriend :P

  1. Im pretty sure him hesitating means nothing i mean hes probably just tired from doing a concert almost everyday plus he has a new ablum AND movie to worry about…and he has to deal with roumors and stuff and he is probably pissed off that Pray got leaked, so just bcuz he looks jittery means nothing. he posted this video on facebook and twitter to tell us that he is single, not 2 flip shit on stuff that doesnt matter

  2. does anybody here think that he was thinking about SELENA GOMEZ????? cuz i think he was either thinking about SELENA GOMEZ OR JASMINE VILLEGAS…. :)

    • Ya! We don’t need the update on his social life! Its not our bussiness! They should just leave him alone. Sorry Justin

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