Justin Bieber Zombie pic

omg guys, look at what scary pics we have found, Justin Bieber zombieeee…
Disgusting right?
These pics supposedly for the Halloween.

bieber zombie

  • caleb

    wow those pics r soo disgustin

    • sisi4ever

      i agree…eeeewwww!!!!!

      • oshini

        yea …ryt…

      • DIWYA

        100 percent

    • sisi4ever

      hey caleb plzzzzz,come on!!!!i miss u!!!!!! :)

    • tanya p

      ewwww dats toally disgustin yuck lolzzz

  • Dalia

    1st to comment

    • Dalia

      and that pics are grosse eww

    • Dalia

      wrong 2nd to comments …lol

  • emma

    omb when i opened the page this came out it gave me such a big fright it look gross and scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janice Drew

      i agree its so gross

      • oshini


  • zohreh

    ohhhhhhhh!!!. those pics are dusgusting……i was so scarry when i saw this pics

    • oshini

      I got scared 2222!!!!

      • * Writni *

        Me 2.

      • sisi4ever

        me 3!!!! ;)

  • Negin

    eeewwwww LOL! yuck

  • chelsea3

    now those are damn scarry and good at the same time,they look cool. Ur MuSiC rOcKs JuStIn BiEbEr.

  • funny kid

    they should make a scary movie about justin,it will be successful

  • oshini

    I’m scared!!!!!

    • * Writni *

      I’m scared 2 ahhhhh……

  • oshini

    HA HA

    • * Writni *

      I know right.

  • abdou29

    waaaaaaaaaaw it’s nice hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • oshini


  • oshini

    bye every1…
    talk 2 ya all later..
    n Good Morning Justin!!!
    Hv a nice day…

  • christy

    i hate those pictures. grossss. ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • Layla

    Hey justinbieberzone! plz put more biebergasmic pics:D

  • Karly Jean Sullivan

    ahhh! I don’t like him looking like that! It dosnt look right. I’d agree it looks gross! AND CREEPY. Justin Holloween is OVER! I came on this website and the first thing I see is your face all messed up and scarry looking. LOL. I will say you do look like a real zombie there. HAHA. You gave me a scare! I’m glad thats not your real face….even though it looks soo real. jk. You shouldn’t cover your face with a zombie mask or make-up, your face is too good-looking for that! So thts wht you wanted to be for Holloween? jw ;) Cool. I could see that ‘you ‘would’ want to be a zombie. Wouldn’t you? HaHA. You got the eyes for it. ;) creepy pics! :)

  • dea niqabadze

    auu ra bandzebii xartttt ra ras damsgavset eg adamiani magari badzebii xarrr puuuuuuu bandzebooooo…… tqven roo gjobss magitoo gauketet egetii sazizgrobebiii ……..hahaha goimeboooo magitt ras aketebs tavss igoimebttt jer kide bavshvebze ar piqrobtt roo naxavs amm fotos roo shezizgdebaa ra …. ras damsgavswetttt namusii gaqvtt tqvenn haaa ????? :D:D::D:D:D::D


    If he would only stay dead, I would want nothing more for Christmas. Seriously, I pray that Justin discovers drugs or something pretty soon, and goes the way of Hannah Montana. Cause really ? one less lonely girl nail polish ? what’s next ? The Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh pregnancy test? And i have nothing against everyone who loves him, even though it seems like most of you never passed 4th grade English… everyone is not spelled with the number “1” but seriously….enough is enough, much love, PEACE

  • N.N.S.H.

    man bro i almost fell out my fukin seat well i saw dat! scared duh shit outta me

  • vivian

    uhh…thats kinda offensive

  • Karina


  • roxannethrasher


  • JBfan1o

    Thats just horrible! I hope that Justin doesen`t see these pics :D

    • sexygirl

      lol ikr :]

    • justin-bieber

      ahahahaha wat i already saw u funny gurl

  • sammie246

    JB, those pics are crazy thats so mean!! soo what are u doing!! got to go see you later!!:)

  • LeAsia

    eeeeeewwwwww dat is just sooooooo degusting justin bieber is probably wuz “PISSED”!

    • justin-bieber


  • no name sorry but stlill justin fan

    arrr when i saw that i was almost fainting.that is really scary for real guys.ha ha omg

  • rafaela

    nao fasem isso com o justin bieber vcs devem estar com muita inveja dele por ele ser famoso e vcs nao decha ele ser famoso e decha ele em paz…seus ruim alguem um dia vai faser com vcs um dia ….so para avisar eu amo ele e nao mecha mas com ele esta combinado?

    • oshini

      wt do u mean???

  • Danielle Lorusso

    Daaaang even zombified he still looks hella fine hahaha I don’t like zombies at all, but if I saw that (Justin zombie) coming to me…. I would run TO it hahahaha;)

    • justin-bieber

      ahahahahaha funny

  • AshleyLuvsToLol

    Stilllll hottttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oshini

      yea ryt!!!!

  • VanessaBOOM

    I think if justin bieber turn into a zombie he would’nt look like that. He was look like a sexy zombie. This is just wrong. Hopes justin won’t see this.

    • oshini

      ha ha

    • justin-bieber

      i saw it

  • jacki

    JB that is so funny, you shoul dcome out in the walking dead

    • jackie

      Justin i did not know you were like that you are so fun.p.s. i love you

    • justin-bieber


  • kitty

    look he finally took off the mask and showed his real face