Reaches 6 Million Followers, Justin Bieber Thanks fans

Justin Bieber thanked his fans yesterday as he reached a landmark six million followers on social networking site Twitter. Here’s what he had to say:

Bieber tweets didn’t stop there, Bieber went on to inspire fans.

“so let me break this down for you…this is for all the kids out there with a dream…. for every person out there who gets told you cant be somebody or achieve something. for everyone who dreams of something more… ”

“im from a small town many have never heard of…my parents had me as teenagers…me and my my mom lived in a small apartment… no one in my family had really left my town or the area and i never thought leaving was possible….but then u all found me…. and you all changed my life and showed me opportunity i didnt think existed. you taught me to #dreambig and #neversaynever . so thank u “

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