Justin Bieber Fan Cuts “JB I Love” on her Arm to Bleed

Sorry it’s little bit too graphic and disturbing, but I have to share it with you guys.

Who’s the girl behind this?
She is “Jessica Mazon. a 15 year old from Santa Carina, Brazil.

Look what she wrote on her blog that is written in Portuguese.

I translate it to English the best I can.


My name Jessica Mazon, 15 from Santa Catarina. I am somewhat complicated and somewhat confusing. I’m sincere too, have many quirks, my love of music is indescribable. I always want to get what I want and dream high, love to write about everything, especially feelings. I like using all-star and jeans. I do not like clothes too much. Sometimes I like to stay at home watching film, sometimes I like to hang out with my friends. One of my dreams is to go Paris. I do not like people shoved?, nobody is better than anyone. I’m passionate about children, dogs and shot?. I tell myself. I do not like guys who do everything to show off, I believe everyone has something special inside, waiting to fit into someone else.

I think love is the foundation of everything that can transform people and change the world. I’m shy, but outrageous. I am confident, discreet and indiscreet. I need friends around me, sometimes I feel lonely even when surrounded by people. I often keep my feelings just for me, I hide the tears drop. I Love teddy bears in particular “Fufi” (my bear), high heels, food and dancing wildly, scream, jump and do whatever I want. I want to go further back, love to travel, I love perfumes, and voices calms me.

And finally I can say that the most important person to me in the world is, yes it’s Justin Bieber, my greatest inspiration, which makes me believe, my biggest dream, my fantasy, the one guy can make me lose reason, make my heart race, make me able to have the courage to face everything in life .. Yes he is not the average boy but I love him, And he is so much more than that.

When the PAIN inside is too BIG, we need to make it better in any way..

That’s me, full of defects and failures.


Please guys NEVER DO THIS!
Probably Jessica is having significant emotional trauma, bipolar disorder or major depression, whatever that is. I just feel sorry for the girl.

  1. wow, just wow. i mean i love justin , but i would NEVER do that. that girl must have some issues. i don’t think jb would like a fan 2 do that 2 themselves. this pic is disgusting .

      • Look EVERYONE we have to support Jessica.
        Jessica is a sweet young lady but emotional with problems but it doesn’t If ur different or bipolar,she just wants to meet Justi bieber.im going to say this myself but I’m bipolar I used cut and friends and family’s supported me.imagen if u were Jessica and she cut, would u like it if people said “ewwwww” or “omg this is soo lame”.well if u were in jessicas spot in bipolar u wouldn’t like it when poeple wouldnt support u.If u support Jessica and me and would feel sorry comment or like. JESSICA I SUPPORT U I LOVE U AND HOPE U GET BETTER!!:”")

  2. Wow I’m luv justin but I would never hurt myself like that I hope she’s ok I mean looking at that a chill went down my spine

  3. It is true we are in love with Justin, but Justin is just like we do this because she is the person you’re offline?
    I’m a fan of Justin, but I do not believe this at all. I now know that Justin was also Araht
    We love Justin so that we have because our work with him, we upset?
    This one you do not like at all you have Justin
    Wow Wow Wow

  4. pure girl, i understand her somehow:(( he is juat sad because she loves him but can’t be with him…that’s exactly how i feel…!!!but no,i didn’t cut myself

  5. yu guys sayin she has issues & shes crazy . it means she is very depressed & JB music is the only thing to keep the pain away .
    but seeing this made me cry coz its worst then wat mmy brother does . :’(
    & i really HOPE none of yu guys do that too.
    im also a belieber but i no why she would do it . dw I DNT do it my brother does . but yu can say its crazy & she has issues but she really wouldnt hav issues or crazy she must be depressed . :(

  6. it’s amazing what simple love can do!!!If I were Justin I would try to meet this girl and talk openly to her.Explain her , that she doesn’t have to cut heself just because she loves him…If all beliebers would do that it would be very bad

  7. esta definitivamente loca!…. osea yo jamas en mi vida haria eso para qu justin se fijara en mi… amo su musica y todo pero no llego a esos extremos! la tipa necesita TERAPIA!… EMO! ….

  8. lol!!!!! shes maaa stupid she probly has problems!!!!! but i love him but i woild never do that she could just write it with a sharpie like one of those permanent marker and when ever it comes off she writes it again thats what i dooooo lol!!!! :)

  9. firs of all, this girl in the picture is from israel!
    i’m from israel and i saw it already…
    and i also can prove it by telling you that on the side of the posters is written in hebrew..
    i was just shocked when i saw it.. this girl is just crazy!!!

  10. oooooooooohh…eeeww…y did she do that???she must b crazy!!!!!i’d never do that!!!!!i love me more than jb..L :)L!!!OMFG!!! :D
    HOW R U GUYS?? :)

      • Plus he wont even no who u r coz he cs millions of girls every day that would do worse and if u check his utube updates like me ull c everyone thinks he’s dating selena but he’s not he’s just trying to impress her coz he dont no any1 famous what is happening is he is going round kissing every girl he cs when selena’s not there so im not saying i dont like him coz i do i luv him i just wouldnt do anything crazy and at the end of the day he’s only a human being with a good voice coz i have a really good voice and i go 2 singing festivals and win them all the time and ur not cutting ur arm for me r u so cut him some slack please

  11. it looks real but im not sure……..and if it waz……Y ON EARTH WOULD U DO THAT???!!!??? i mean i love him to but i wouldnt do that becaues thats just crazy!!!!!

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