Justin Bieber Fan Cuts “JB I Love” on her Arm to Bleed

Sorry it’s little bit too graphic and disturbing, but I have to share it with you guys.

Who’s the girl behind this?
She is “Jessica Mazon. a 15 year old from Santa Carina, Brazil.

Look what she wrote on her blog that is written in Portuguese.

I translate it to English the best I can.


My name Jessica Mazon, 15 from Santa Catarina. I am somewhat complicated and somewhat confusing. I’m sincere too, have many quirks, my love of music is indescribable. I always want to get what I want and dream high, love to write about everything, especially feelings. I like using all-star and jeans. I do not like clothes too much. Sometimes I like to stay at home watching film, sometimes I like to hang out with my friends. One of my dreams is to go Paris. I do not like people shoved?, nobody is better than anyone. I’m passionate about children, dogs and shot?. I tell myself. I do not like guys who do everything to show off, I believe everyone has something special inside, waiting to fit into someone else.

I think love is the foundation of everything that can transform people and change the world. I’m shy, but outrageous. I am confident, discreet and indiscreet. I need friends around me, sometimes I feel lonely even when surrounded by people. I often keep my feelings just for me, I hide the tears drop. I Love teddy bears in particular “Fufi” (my bear), high heels, food and dancing wildly, scream, jump and do whatever I want. I want to go further back, love to travel, I love perfumes, and voices calms me.

And finally I can say that the most important person to me in the world is, yes it’s Justin Bieber, my greatest inspiration, which makes me believe, my biggest dream, my fantasy, the one guy can make me lose reason, make my heart race, make me able to have the courage to face everything in life .. Yes he is not the average boy but I love him, And he is so much more than that.

When the PAIN inside is too BIG, we need to make it better in any way..

That’s me, full of defects and failures.


Please guys NEVER DO THIS!
Probably Jessica is having significant emotional trauma, bipolar disorder or major depression, whatever that is. I just feel sorry for the girl.

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