CNN interview: Justin Bieber Gives Back

The interview is all about Justin Bieber’s charitable actions and how he feels that with his celebrity status he can make a difference in the world. Justin talks about the good he does for his fans before every concert, which really goes to show how much he wants to help others.

So inspirational, not many celebs do such nice things like he does.

  1. he really loves to do things for the less fortunenate …….good job bieber…your family must be very proud……excellent…….the less foretunate must be very thank full : ) :)

  2. its been so long since i have posted a comment! So how is everybody! Did i miss anything!
    When i watched this video, i felt so happy to not be a hater cuz justin is such a sweet boy! thats why your my role model! if you reply to this it would be awsome!(i know i am out of topic) when you came to BC, i wanted to go and buy tickets but my mom and dad said no! they really font like you! they are bieber haters! i am the only lover there is in my family! i am just a girl between the ages 10-13. (im not telling how old i am)

  3. justin must be a good person to make a charity when he is tha age 16 like me lol im soo happy 4 yuha just keeo up wat yuha doing =DD

  4. I’m so proud of justin and how the fame hasn’t gone to his head like loads if other famous ppl nowadays. I love it how he hasn’t forgotten where he’s come from and wants to make a change in the world, even if it’s just donating some money from his own tours he is happy doing it and cares for ppl who are less fortunate than him. I might not have been there for him from the very beginning but I will definatley be there till the very end and follow in his footsteps all the way :) <3<3<3 xoxo oh and one more thing: Justin in that bow tie, SO HOT! ;D <3 xoxo

  5. I really got teary eyed watching this, right from the beginning, i wish i could just have that kind of money like ME, my parents already have 4 charities that THEY donate to, but If i were justin bieber or a star, i would totally do what Justin is doing!! :)

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