Justin Bieber JAPAN Tour Schedule 2011

Good news for Japan fans.
Justin Bieber has revealed his tour schedule in Japan 2011.

May 17, 2011 – Tuesday at Osaka Zepp
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Standing 1F ¥ 7,000 – (TAX / 1Drink by) / 2F specify ¥ 7,500 – (TAX / 1Drink separately) (US$85)
TICKET INFO: Kyodo 06-7732-8888

May 18, 2011 – Thursday at Tokyo Nippon Budokan
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
S seat ¥ 7,500 – (TAX) / A seat ¥ 6,500 – (tax included) (US$85)
TICKET INFO: 03-3462-6969

  • janice phansan


    • oshini

      yea…It is sooooo cooool

  • caitlyn

    I went to a justin bieber concert last night in manchester new hampshire! It was amazing!!!

    • oshini

      all of his cocerts r really amazing…compared 2 other singers…

  • N.N.S.H.

    gasp lukkkyyyy!! i always wanted to go to japan!

  • Brook

    omgosh i cant even understand what this schedule says lol

    • oshini


  • yhanniee

    justin is so sucessful and also hot

    • oshini

      yea….he has our blessings…

  • desireelopez

    but dominican repbulic tour 2011

  • uyanga

    im from mongolia. love you justin. justin tour 2011 mongolia. pls justin mongolian girls waiting for

  • uyanga

    im from mongolia. love you justin. justin tour 2011 mongolia. pls justin mongolian girls waiting for…….

    • nomuka

      me too,so many girls here are waiting for him to come over and give us some eargasm in mongolia right! hah seriously…..

  • cara

    please i can’t take it any longer i even rote a song 4 u please call me justin drew bieber 225-3706

  • torri a.k.a atorr

    i hope he has a fun time.

  • JBlover

    i’ve got tickets to his australian tour 2011:) lucky me!!!!!

    • oshini

      lucky u!!!!!!

  • kj88

    no u don’t u lyre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah ha,ha,ha what a lyre?is she or not?im only 11 and i know when people r lying !!!!!!!

  • oshini

    I wish I waz in Japan…

  • kelly

    hey is the tour of justin bieber in japan is may 18 or 19?i don’t really understand this!

  • Robin Elizabeth Leach

    Justin you look very handsome in this picture. well i g2g lots of Christmas things to do before the sun comes up. well ttyl ICL your fan p.s. Merry Christmas Justin :D

  • Robin Elizabeth Leach

    HEY! Justin wean goin to have a mississippi tour? if you would please let me know. ttyl ICL your fan p.s. Merry Christmas Justin! :D

  • kelly

    uhm when is the ticket out for tokyo bodukan tour?

  • Lisali

    I’m gonna go get some tickets<3 I'm so glad that he's coming to japan (:

  • maymalyn

    can anybody tell me? have the tix sold out yet??
    what if im not japanese, can i get the tix?
    since i have heard that its pretty hard for foreigner to get concert tix in japan.. :/

    • Crystal

      They come in… march? i think so. teehee, im sort of a foreigner, naval base though, buy them at 711 or Lawson

  • Crystal

    Yay! Now, Imma be SURE to see him. I hope he visits a naval base <3


    How can I buy the tickets??? Internet?? Wich place in Osaka can i buy? Pleasee!!!

    • Crystal

      7-11 or at Lawson probably

  • noah

    hi i am 10. my name is Noah Parsons i live in Oknawa i. i want to know if you are coming to oknawa.i like your song. i can tell you in person if you can tell me when to get the tickets.But that is if you are going to Oknawa. i love your song baby it is my favrite song.most of my friends thanks you are gay.plese post me back as soon as pasibl. i want to meet you in person

  • priscilla marie bieber

    y is justin bieber sooooooooo hott ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? :)