Justin Bieber wants to Spend New Year 2011 with Family

Justin Bieber says that he just want to hang out with family and friends in new year 2011. He told MTV, “For New Year’s, I’m just hanging out. I’m just going to be with my family.” He added, “Just being with them and relaxing, because I’ve been go, go, go for the past three years.”

Justin will appear in his first film, “Never Say Never”, which opens in February 11. He tweeted, “Chillin and happy. Its been a fun year with a lot of blessings. Some crazy rumors but so much fun and memories. We r just gettin started!!!” In another tweet he indicated, “Need the rest. #grateful”

Will you watch “Never Say Never” 3D movie in you nearest theater? or just wait the DVD to be released?

  1. I wont b able 2 watch it in d theatre coz all d sl girlz will b acting crazy so dat i wont b able 2 focus on d film….datz 4 sure… LOL… I’m gonna buy dat DVD when it comes 2 SL…. I cant wait till it comes out… :-D :-D :-D :-D

  2. He made so much money in this year…More than other people can earn in a life

    When he means “crazy rumors” he means that they are all fake? I HOPE SO

  3. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLP GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIBSON LES PAULLL!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT! HAND THR GUITAR TO ME BIEBER!

  4. oh,justin i love u so mush u are everything u are cool boy
    love u so mush and i hope u come to canada we waiting u love u my baby
    love u so mush
    byee honey

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