Justin Bieber’s Ebay Auction. Get items previously owned and worn by Justin :)

Justin Bieber has teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital to host his exclusive Ebay auction to raise money for charity.

All items; Tshirts, Sneakers, Jeans and Jackets are previously owned and worn by Justin Bieber.

Want to participate? Click here so you can bid for a chance to meet Justin and see him live in concert as well as bid for items of clothing donated by Justin himself.


Good luck!

ps: Anybody here wants Justin Bieber’s used underwear? :D

  1. Yeah 1st. You know i do not want to bid a lot of money for these clothes but i would love to me justin bieber but some of his clothes will be big and who would wear those? But i would wear his shirts! :D

  2. AHHHHHHHHH I WANT ALL HIS CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D but id wanna pay 4 dem…so…immma just take dem from his closet lol jk jk :P

  3. I`ll take the under wear i have a nice frame for them.
    Just heard the song “pray” by him then played “pick me” BIG HUGE GIANT CHANGE IN HIS VOICE.

  4. well , you know what ? Justin bieber will really upset if he read all your comment about this E Bay collect money for the charity . you just want his old clothes . you dont truly want to help people in need . if you all admit to be his 1 fans . you must find your attitude first . you all just love him because he’s cute . you just love someone outer look . What ‘s wrong with you ? those peoples need your help . Where’s your heart ? Justin bieber sincerely sell his own old clothes to collect the money . And he need his fans help . He doesnt want his fans to be so selfish . That’s why he does all this . You need to prove and make him proud to have such a nice fans .

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