Selena Gomez Takes OFF her Purity Ring for Bieber?

(Left) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez without the purity ring last weekend.
(Right) Selena Gomez on the red carpet in 2008 with her purity ring.

Selena Gomez was spotted last week with BFF Bieber but without her promise ring.

Two years ago, Selena got her father to buy her the purity ring which signified her vow to abstain from sex until marriage. But last weekend Selena Gomez was spotted entering Bieber’s Tour bus in Miami WITHOUT the purity ring on her finger, according to

Note: Selena was still wearing her purity ring when attending MTV Music Video Awards September 2010 with Bieber. So she must drop the ring last week? who knows!

Check out the picture below: Selena and Bieber at MTV Music Awards September 2010.

Could it be that Selena Gomez is changing her mind about the values the purity ring symbolizes? Or maybe she just forgot to slip it on that day and the media is blowing it up for no reason? arghhh…

    • AAAAHHHHH!! I hate her sooooo much!!!! :@@@@ she’s taller than him and she’s ugly,but justin is super cute :)….I HATE SELENA GOMEZ

      • r u kidding me… Selena is really pretty, and talented.. im her # 1 fan!!! and i agree about justin being cute!!! still u hav issues…

      • Selena can’t sing and not super talented and. she uses popular guys for fame.. like the jonas brothers was famous she dates Nick Jonas and the Twilight was popular then she dates taylor launter and now she is dating the most popular guy in the world .. justin bieber.. see? BELIEVE ME ….

      • That isn’t nice to say that about her. God made her unique in every way. She is pretty to God. She is His child and He loves her.

      • okay so she sucks and dont play the god card on me cuz he loves everyone and selena is stupid she thinks she is so great she sucks and i know she got a boob job

      • that’s not a reason to hate her. if Justin loves her you should be happy for him that;s what a true fan does, although they make me jealous,

      • I HATE HER TOO. I agree with u but now her eyes on zayn malik i love justin. selena want the most poplular and the most biggest fans ever she want to take the beliebers from justin. selena her fans to become the biggest fans

      • why does it matter what anyone else thinks .. I’m sure they don’t care or they wouldn’t still be together. like get it through your head that they are just two normal people and shut up honestly.. if Justin or Selena was reading what you guys put i don’t think she’d be impressed leave em’ alone! thanks

      • Lmao I’M WITH YOU GIRL! I agree! She is so talent-less! & without makeup she looks so old UGH >.< I'm #TEAMJAITLIN or #TEAMJUSTMINE<3 Caitlin & Justin would've never.broken. up if J.B didn't have to move. & OMFB Jasmine & Justin were so perfect together :'D gahhh! I would do numerous things for them to be an item again!.<


      Next time the one who is giving SELENA GOMEZ a A BAD WORD and NEGATIVE WORDS i will curse them…I BROUGHT JUSTIN BIEBER for SELENA GOMEZ to take care and live together with there lives and ASHLEY etc. you should be curse for what you said and next time you can’t did’nt born THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is so stupid. First of all obviously Justin wouldnt have sex and the pic at the begining on the left when she is not wearing the ring is on her right hand. In all the other pictures the ring is on her left hand. Stupid people. She is still wearing the ring they just cut off her other hand so it wouldnt show.

    • They trynna make us beliebers mad but it aint workin. they should know that we r gonna analyze every pic and message they put out there. We aint stupid!

    • i know they are stupid if they want to take pictures and talk about stuff thats not real just get your facts straight because you dont know what happend unless you have a video of pluss justin bieber said that he will never have sex untill hes married were not slow were smart you just want to make us made any way i do like selena and justin but i dont thingk there right for eachother because if they are dating if there not its a wonderful thing there not

    • I completely agree her hand is cut out of the picture which is the hand she normally wears it on. Also, if she is trying to impress Justin she wouldn’t be prancing around acting like a trollop. she would want Justin to think that she is a moral person. Also, If the rumors are true about them dating(which its no ones business if they are) they have only had the opportunity to have a few dates. And i dont know but i dont think that either of them would do anything in that short amount of time. Dont worry to much Beleibers everything will be fine.

      • im sure justin isnt just looking in selena for her morals and shit, as he is a 16 year old boy. what do you thinks on his mind at that age.

  2. OMFG!!!!
    idk why
    she just isnt down to earth lke JB is!!!!!!!!
    and they have nothing in common
    justin is a bit of a womanizer
    it pisses me of as he is christchan
    and christchans dont do these kind of things
    i think he should turn muslim
    lIKE me!!!…..

    • almost all RELE CUTE famous guys are womanizers…no i take that back u dont have to be famous 2 b a womanizer and u dont hav 2 b cute either(not sayin justin isnt cuz he TOTALLY IS). Justin can date whoever he wants but the reporters and paparazzis need to get their facts straight. If he is datin her there aint nuthin we can do about it. We dont need 2 be mad @ selena evn tho i HATE her (idk y but i do and it dont got nuttin 2 do with her n justin).
      No offense Sarah but he needs a nice christian girl like ME

    • You can’t tell him what to do .. ahahah are you like nuts ? lmfaooooooo justin can do whatever he wants, his not dating selena, he didnt have sex with selena, that’s illegal, ohh ansss uhmm his christian darling ;) not muslim, im muslim, n i dnt rite shit like you .. aint yu alittle too much uhmm obbessed ? i mean im a belieber too.. a true one but aint too koko like you ! :)

      • she is wearing her purity ring. They just showed the right hand instead of the left.[you are supposed to wear your purity ring on your left hand. not right.]and they cropped of her left hand, and if you look on the other photo’s of her wearing her purity ring, you will see that she is wearing it on her left hand. and on the picture she isn’t wearing it on, they show the right hand….DDuuhhh!..


    • I know yeah anyhting could of happened inthe tour bus with JB but Beliebers beleive that Justin wont do anything stupid right (u never know) ???? Its is Justin were are talkin about people , you never know …………. :D

      • u r a total asshole and to be hit with a bat the punched in the face with brass knuckles then slamed into the concrete then thrown up agaist the wall and beat in the face for that




    • I think that is pretty mean to say to anyone. Selena may just be Justin’s friend. And the biggest thing is that Justin’s social life is not any of our bussiness…so why people keep bringing it up…I don’t understand. I know every Jb girlFan out there wishes they were Justin’s friend. But Justin is one person. And there is a million or over a million Jb girlFans out there. I do agree with that part. The rest of wht you said sounds mean though. No affense, but it does.

    • Errmmm….how do you know that he won’t die for her?they seem pretty close. and all that you said up there^^seems stupid. Because you are actually acting as if you are HIM. And how do you know Justin doesn’t need her.Yet another stupid thing to say. And a billion girl’s? Can’t the people get any privacy? seriously, I don’t think Justin and Selena want people like YOU Telling them what to think Of each other. enough Said.

  4. It might of fallen off
    or it might be on the other hand
    but they said they were not dating and if we were
    there fans we would believe them

  5. Selena would never change her mind about having sex until she married and she would never have sex with Justin Bieber he’s too young and it’s illegal and a purity ring can’t fall off if she’s had it for at least 3 yrs maybe it got 2 small but Selena would NEVER EVER have sex until she’s married especially with Justin Bieber that illegal she isn’t like that

  6. i dont really think this has anything to do with justin. one pic she is wearing it on her left hand and the other pic she is wearing it on her right hand. iv seen a picture with her not wearing it a while back when she was hanging out with nick.

    • I dont think Nick has as many fans as Justin(no offense Nick) but idk if it is a purity ring or not it can just be a ring she wants 2 wear cuz i wear rings cuz i like jewlery. I wouldnt know if it is a purity ring tho cuz im not a big fan of selena so i dont keep up with the things she does.

      • “Two years ago, Selena got her father to buy her the purity ring which signified her vow to abstain from sex until marriage. But last weekend Selena Gomez was spotted entering Bieber’s Tour bus in Miami WITHOUT the purity ring on her finger, according to”
        It IS a purity ring.

      • They are not going to have any babies. First of all, Justin and Selena doing anything would be illegal. Second both of them have purity rings which might not mean much these days but still. And, both justin and selena have denied dating rumors so if we were true beleibers we would trust them.

  7. woah guys why are u hatin on selena? it’s like u r making a big deal out of nothin! justin and sel both said they are not dating!if they are so what?!
    I don’t like judging but I dont think sel would have sex before married ;)

  8. why don’t they just ask them both at the same time: are you dating…???
    and just ask for explanations about all that happend!!!

    And the answer should be YES or NO not just “i keep my social life private”
    that was very stupid:(he broke my heart with that stupid answer

    • It does’nt matter, but she said to JAKE T. austin & to the other guys she knows that they are like her brothers, so and she said that 2 ABOUT JUSTIN !

      • :))what are you searching here for?sorry but if you don’t like him,you shouldn’t be here!!!you’re just helping Justin to have more views

      • lol you r an idiot. if u hate him dont go into his fansite its easy. and go masturbate with your selena posters (considering u replied to me saying u hate justin when i said selena’s annoying i’m guessing u r a fan of homez).

      • :))what are you searching here for?sorry but if you don’t like him,you shouldn’t be here!!!you’re just helping Justin to have more views…i’m happy for beeing the first one who supports him:)

      • maybe she doesn’t want her dating him:)yes, i agree but not because i don’t like him,that’s because he should be with me!!!

        u r an idiot this site aint 4 JB heterz but im sure they have one out theere so go find it! U need to stop hatin in Justin cuz he’s BEAST!

  9. omg !!! no way !!! if selena goes and has sex then she would not be selena maria gomez any more , she would some one else like the stupid miley cyrus who smokes !!! plzzzz selena if u ever get to read this plz wear ur ring and plzzz stay my 2nd fave caleb!!!

    • I dont see how a ring is going to stop someone from having sex. If she wants to have sex she will and a lil ring aint gonna stop her from doing what she wants to. I know Justin is to much of a goood boy to have sex before he is married. This shouldn’t be sucha bif prob. If you believe in Justin you will know he aint gonna do anything bad with her.

    • It’s up to her If she want’s to break Her promise.No one else’s. And btw…the ring is on her other hand…they took a picture of the wrong hand…she was wearing it on her left hand..they took the picture of her right hand and cropped of her left.

  10. Follow your heart justin, even if there are fans out there jealous of you & selena, well you still got plenty more fans. And i’m sure justin you will make the right choice!
    love you justin don’t, us fans are here for you <3from your true beilber xxx

    • trueeeeebelieber u r rite, even if Selena and Justin did have sex I know a lot of beliebers that would still love Justin.If selena ends up dating justin thats his choice we can’t do anything about it.

      • I agree. If Justin does go and do IT with her I will still love him unconditionally and I know that ALL of his TRUE fans will. And I dont care if he is dating her there aint nouthin we can do to change his mind.

  11. if you look at the pictures for some time you will see that in the first 2 pics the pic to the right she had the ring on her right hand now on the first pic when she has her hand on her hair theirs no ring but you CANT see her left hand now on the bottom pic when she is with justin she has the ring on her left hand .(here is my point)may-b on the very first pic to the left she had the ring on her left hand and didnt see it.

    • Yea I was going to post that too but I wanted to make sure that no body else put it yet but u did so good observation ha lol

    • Um have news theirs other pictures of them on that same day and shes not wearing it at all I mean nada no ring nither hand look it up on google!!! But she might have not worn it cuz they thought they wouldnt have gotn spotted so ya I mean I really dont think aything is going to happen, but you never no how ur body reacts to things ya know!!!! PS: LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER ALWAYS AND BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO AND SAY, CUZ BABY UR FAMOUS!!!!! :D

  12. Lol like “KINGSLY” said, Hes Tapin some Waverly a__, haha!

    If I was Selena, I would too! What girl wouldnt wana Bone Justin?
    Hes gettin it from somewhere, and hes 16. Hes gettin Selena lol

    But what ever, his Private life right? He can what ever the f__k he wants, long as their happy =P


    • He can do whatever he wants i mean if they did do it how would we know i dout they would tell us but still I mean you dont want him to do it!! And he does need to stay away from “DISNEY STARS”!! And I do want him to be happy but if thats what hes has to do to be happy then I never wanna see him again but until then….. JUSTIN I LOVE YOU ALWAYS SO DONT MESS UP K!!! <3 :D

    • That is a lil too much INFO!!! i have to admit she is pretty(no homo) but i still dont like her. Justin likes her and i’m ok with it, (only cuz i kno i dont got a chance with him, cuz he famous). Still love u Justin!! :)

    • Ya maybe, their’s lots of possibalyites ya know, but i dont think that Justin B. would give it to Selena or other way around I mean gross their to young and to famous and just wouldnt happen cuz if it did nither one of them would be famous after that, but then agai n if they did do it how would we find out?? Leave’s you wondering!!! PS: Justin DON’T DO IT JUSTIN I LOVE YOU TO MUCH I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY BUT NOT THAT WAY………. YUCK!!

      • They aren’t that young, but I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t be around him in public if I was her because I wouldn’t want the attention but that is just me.

  13. not trying to be disrespectful but nowadays purity rings dont mean anything lots of teens just wear them cause of their parents Justin got his from Caitlyn Beadles im pretty sure, he probably wore it to respect her and her beileves Justin is a 16 year old boy hes probably done the birds and the bees

      • hey its selena Gomez just about every guy i no want to get with her and hey its justin bieber who wouldnt want him they are both teenagers so you never no like other people were saying she could of for got to put it on i dont think u need a ring to tell when not to have sex it should be if u now the person long enough and trust them but if they did do that then they are definitly not going to tell us and they dont have to i think they have a right to have a sex life but i agree with u he might wait till he is 18 or with a person he loves dearly and trusts sorry about the long paragraph just statin my opinion

  14. It doesnt really matter what they do together i really dont care as long as they are together.I still think they are a really cute couple.

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